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Moon Rocks made with shatter are crispy rather than sticky and squidgy. Instead of rolling the buds in oil or warm shatter you can also try injecting the warm oil (or liquid shatter) into the centre of the bud and wait until it starts to ooze out of the exterior. But the principle is always the same; to create an insane smoking experience. Some home growers that have an unexpectedly large flower harvest convert some of the ‘excess’ into Moon Rocks as a way of concentrating their harvest into a special treat. Some people store Moon Rocks in the fridge (or freezer) to keep potency levels at the absolute maximum.

Even serious smokers say that Moon Rocks are too much for them. If you are just a typical recreational or medical cannabis user then you are likely to find Moon Rocks are simply way too strong for you and can leave you stoned for 7-8 hours. Even experienced recreational smokers have had to take a 1-2 hour time out after smoking Moon Rocks. On the other hand, if you have medical conditions, you can expect some fast and powerful relief. Even veteran cannabis advocate Snoop Dog says Moon Rocks are ‘too much’ for him in his interview below: CBD Moon Rocks. Of course, you don’t have to use THC rich buds, oil, and kief. Many medical cannabis growers have made their own Moon Rocks using CBD-rich starting materials.

The use of more oil and kief increases the THC levels. But if you use CBD-rich oil, buds and kief you can get THC levels down to more manageable levels nearer 25-30%, or even lower if specialist ultra low-THC varieties are used, such as Charlotte’s Angel. Perhaps the emergence of varieties rich in other cannabinoids will add some variety to the future Moon Rock experience. For example, research varieties exist which are rich in THC-V, CBG, and CBD-V. The challenge is stabilising the genetics in seed form. But once that is done, perhaps you will see THC-V rich buds, dipped in CBG rich oil and dusted in CBD rich kief for an all-round ‘full cannabinoid spectrum’ experience. Many excellent quality homegrown varieties have THC levels of around 15-20%. So to smoke a Moon Rock with over 60% THC is a serious challenge. Don’t even think about smoking a whole Moon Rock if you are lucky enough to get one, try breaking a small bit off first and evaluate the potency before diving in. Moon Rocks often cost around $25-$35 per gram from a USA dispensary. They are less frequently seen in Europe at the moment. You can expect to pay a lot more if you want Moon Rocks made from bespoke high-end buds. Moon Rocks become a more realistic and affordable option if you grow your own and can afford to set aside a plant or two to create the necessary oil and kief. If you are planning a home grow, buy your autoflower seeds or feminized seeds online from Dutch Passion. ** Many thanks to our friends at Colorado Cannabis Tours who helped tremendously with this blog. You may see this one called simply “Silver Tip,” but it’s the same strain as the Montana Silvertip. This sativa-dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) sprouts buds that release a curious mix of diesel and sweet blueberries tossed in with some skunkyness for good measure. After inhaling and exhaling, piney, earthy quality blends in with the berries and the pungency, making for a complex flavor profile. The buzz from Montana Silvertip is equal parts clarity and body bound. In the head, feelings of focus and good moods dominate, but elsewhere feelings of sedation and relaxation can get the limbs feeling like wet noodles. On the medical side, this strain may help with chronic pain, low or shifty moods, exhaustion, or ADD/ADHD. It’s best for later evening or nighttime use, but daytime use may be manageable for a lot of smokers. Dry, irritated eyes are a common side effect with Montana Silvertip. Montana Silvetip was created by lionhearted dispensary and the strain was grown well by Montana Buds and Lionheart in Bozeman the grower at Montana Buds gave the strain to everyone it definitely is a haze/grand daddy purp cross and was given out because it’s awesome and it had to be shared with everyone so that it never got lost a must try for true lovers of quality.

The breed himself has said he doesn't know who the father was and it was likely a jack herer. Why does it keep saying super silver haze everywhere? The guy who bred this strain wasn't growing SSH at the time. G-13 is one of the most perfect strains to pair with! My S/O and I are taking bong hits of Montana Silvertip 'Silvertip' and are digging it, then thinking about adding G-13 yesss please!! I'm glad your plants got good yield with this strain, very powerful I imagine!!

It is now impossible to find (without a green card) in my state, but was abundant in my area around 2010. I was able to smoke as much as I wanted/needed with no green-out symptoms. one of only two strains I have experienced that with (lemon haze being the other). One of the best "headband" highs Ive ever had and was amazing for anxiety, depression, and the random aches and pains that come with getting old.


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