does weed cause constipation

Can Cannabis Relieve Constipation?

One of many therapeutic applications of cannabis is relief from constipation. Stomach pain and bowel problems can often be eased with marijuana. Here’s a look at what causes constipation and how cannabis can be of assistance.

Constipation can be difficult to talk about. Furthermore, it can be difficult to treat as it’s not so much of a condition in itself, but a symptom of other conditions.

Stress, irritable bowel syndrome, and even neurological conditions can aggravate your digestive system. It could also be menstruation or a fibre deficiency in your diet causing constipation.

Constipation doesn’t just make bathroom visits difficult, it can make them less frequent than twice a week. If you find you have to strain during bowel movements more than 25% of the time, or if they require more than one visit, it’s time to consider treatment for constipation.


Dietary changes will have to be made to ensure you’re well-hydrated and full of fibre throughout the day. Consult your doctor on what condition or possible food allergy could be driving your constipation.

As you cope with the symptoms, your doctor may or may not recommend medical marijuana. This is used in the case of more severe bowel conditions like Crohn’s disease, where your stool is pretty much entirely liquid. With constipation, you may find your stool alternating between particularly hard and particularly loose.

Your bowels are seizing up from a backlog and need to be relaxed. This is one issue where marijuana can indeed be helpful.


Marijuana can act as a laxative while relieving symptoms of pain and discomfort. Often, a hit of THC will relax the digestive system. When THC and other cannabinoids are ingested, they reach the brain through the bloodstream and impact the neurological system.

Ongoing research finds that cannabis sort-of turbocharges different neurons and the flow of neural pathways. Acting upon the entire nervous system, cannabinoids can ease nerve connections while relaxing the mind and muscles. They are even antiemetic to the point of stimulating appetite again. CBD, even as an isolated oil, could be a viable treatment with its anti-anxiety properties.

Once muscles and nerves associated with your bowels relax, it is easier for material to pass through. Along with marijuana’s antioxidant properties, this could be a relaxing way to clear out your system and restore digestive harmony.


There are specific strains you can smoke or vape that have become associated with treating constipation (such as Haze Berry or Shining Silver Haze).

There is also something about hemp fibre itself which seems to display strong antiemetic properties. Knowledge of cannabis as a medicine dates back thousands of years to the earliest available writings in China. Hemp seeds themselves were prescribed for the treatment of constipation and other ailments. The efficacy of cannabis to relieve constipation has recently been established by a study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology [1] .

Cannabis has also been featured as an integral part of numerous other Asian medicine systems, such as India’s Ayurvedic medicine. From Asia, it spread around the world. For much of history, it was regarded as a potent herbal medicine. If you can access some safely, perhaps cannabis is the medicine for you.

Cannabis has long been used as an herbal medicine, both in seed and flower form. Studies show medical marijuana can relieve symptoms of constipation.

Marijuana and Constipation: Does Cannabis Affect Your Digestive System?

The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no.

Marijuana has found a place in our society in large part as a natural tool that can help people with a wide range of medical problems. While children with severe seizures and cancer patients are often attached to medical marijuana stories, not all of marijuana’s medical benefits apply to only serious problems. In fact, for thousands of years, people have believed there is a healing link between marijuana and constipation, including the Chinese in 2700 BCE.

Cannabis has been used as a treatment for many digestive related illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease and the side effects of Chemotherapy, and while the science on cannabis’ laxative effects is limited, studies seem to indicate that cannabis use, THC to be more specific, may help combat the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and help reduce diarrhea.

Marijuana and Constipation

However, much like anything else, too much can cause the opposite of the desired effect, although to understand exactly how THC plays into your bathroom schedule requires more research. The same goes for CBD.

There is evidence that shows CBD, among other cannabinoids, does affect gastric motility – which determines how quickly or slowly matter passes through the intestines. How cannabis affects you is dictated in large part by which cannabinoids you’re consuming. Given the fact that there are over 70 known cannabinoids until cannabis is legalized and we can research each cannabinoid more in-depth, any answer that you receive regarding cannabis and constipation is going to come with an asterisk.

Medical marijuana can often be a huge help in many problems that arise from the standard opiate protocol that many doctors prescribe (like constipation.) Not only do patients feel like they have more control, but they also are less likely to become addicted to opiates and subsequently not have to face harsher side effects from opiates.

The science on everything marijuana-related is limited, but according to this self-reported data, long term cannabis users often experience constipation as one of the symptoms that can develop with cannabis use. This study does have its flaws though. In general, there is nothing wrong with self-reported data. However, it mentions that many of the individuals who reported constipation with marijuana also have irritable bowel syndrome. Since constipation can be a side effect of IBS, these results should be taken with a grain of salt.

Claims That Cannabis Help With Constipation Are Not Based In Science

There are websites that will claim that cannabis can actually help with constipation. says that “Research reveals medical marijuana can treat digestive disorders, including constipation. Constipation can also be caused by digestive disorders treated with medical marijuana.”

However, the one thing noticeably missing from the entire article is the actual research that supports that claim. They aren’t the only culprits, either. If you search “marijuana constipation” on Google, the entire first page of search results is full of “experts” coming to baseless conclusions about the benefits of cannabis when it comes to constipation. This is a prime example of misinformation poisoning the cannabis dialogue and setting back any efforts to legitimize the plant and the industry. The real answer is there isn’t enough research right now to definitively make the claim that cannabis helps OR hurts your constipation.

Marijuana use has long been considered a tool to help constipation, but much of that evidence is largely anecdotal without any actual scientific evidence. While that may be the norm for answering any health-based questions related to cannabis, it can cause real-world problems for people who then have to blindly test if the claims are solid.

What To Do If You’re Constipated

A problem that people can run into is the fact that constipation can’t actually be cured by marijuana, meaning that if you really want to fix the problem you may have to try some stool softeners or make some lifestyle changes.

Any serious constipation problems that you have may be from underlying health issues instead of THC, but the relationship between our bowel movements and our smoking habits is real and something that you should monitor. If you run into any small problems with your bowels and suspect that it may have something to do with your cannabis consumption, some of the quick fixes that you could try out include switching the strains, looking at your diet, or taking a break from weed. If you have constipation, but no alarming symptoms, try journaling everything you ingest (food and cannabis) for a week or two to see if you can figure something out yourself.

If you have serious concerns, you’ll definitely want to consult your doctor, especially if you exhibit any of these symptoms:

Marijuana and constipation are often talked about together, but there isn't enough research to conclude if marijuana helps or hurts your cause.