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If you enjoy video, card, and board games you can make winning them even more fun by rewarding the winner with a smoke. Whoever wins a round or the whole game can enjoy a quick puff. You can use practically any type of video, card, and board game to make this work. For instance, you can play Clue and whoever correctly comes up with the culprit first can take a smoke.

You can do anything your imagination and creativity bring up with this. A popular video game that’s perfect for this purpose is Mario Kart. Because the games tend to go very fast, you’ll want to try to beat them. If you do beat each small game, you can reward yourself with a smoke. A creative game you can try with a group of friends is the wheel game. This involves you creating a wheel with a spinner in the middle of it and spinning the spinner around and doing whatever command it lands on. You’ll each take turns spinning the wheel and doing what the space on the wheel says. To make the wheel you’ll want to use a piece of cardboard and divide it up into about 8 sections. Poke a hole in the middle of it and place a spinner there, but make sure it’s something that can spin easily.

After doing so, label each of the sections with a command, like smoke a joint, dare someone to do something, or spin again. You can come up with some fun and creative ideas to help keep the game interesting. Rock, paper, scissors is a classic game and one that weed can give a great twist to. Just play this game with a friend and whoever wins gets to take a quick smoke. You can continue this for as long as you’d like or come up with your own rules. To make things a bit more competitive, you can gather a group. Whoever loses a round is eliminated from the game and whoever wins gets a smoke. You can keep this up until only two people are left. Whoever wins the final showdown can then have their own joint. If you’re looking for a challenging game to try you should attempt this one. Smoke Hold involves you and a few people inhaling smoke from a bong, pipe, or joint and holding it in as you pass the device down to the next person. You have to keep the smoke inhaled until the device comes back to you, and when it does, exhale the old smoke and take a new whiff of the smoke in. The loser is the person who exhales before the device comes back to them. A fun game that will keep your mind working quickly is this Quick Thinking one. You can even play with just one other person but that might make this a little difficult. To do this, you’ll want to make a joint and light it. Then, whoever is holding the joint needs to come up with a category and letter from it. Someone needs to come up with a thing from that category that starts with that letter. Whoever says an answer to the question first gets the joint and can take a smoke. So, for instance, if someone says “Plants – S” whoever gives an answer like “Sunflower” first gets to take the joint. That person can then come up with a new category and first letter. You can choose a certain person to answer the question and if they don’t answer within a certain time amount they lose. You can keep doing this until the group has a winner.

Hold Your Breath needs at least two people to work well. To play this game, participants inhale smoke from a bong, pipe, or joint and hold it in. You can keep this up with other players until there’s only one person remaining. A simple game, Longest Smoker is just a fun way to see who can keep smoking the longest. You can come with a special prize for the winner, like a fresh joint or their own bong. To see who can roll joints the fastest, try this game! Get all your joint making materials together and lay them out on a flat surface. You can then race against other people to try to make a bunch of joints quickly. You can have some fun working out while smoking weed. You can join with a few other people and challenge each other to various workouts, like pushups or sit-ups.

Whoever does the most is the winner and gets to enjoy a smoke. You can even make an obstacle course that you have to go through. The first person to get to the end of the course can be rewarded.


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