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Another factor to consider is whether or not to use a screen for your pipe. Screens can help keep you from inhaling burning bits of cannabis, but if you don’t have a pack of pipe screens, here are a few nifty tricks to consider: Twist a piece of wire or a paperclip it into coil Use a screen from a faucet head. We don’t recommend using aluminum foil, a soda can, or a window screen as a makeshift pipe screen, as these are often coated with materials that are hazardous to inhale. Preparing cannabis for smoking a bowl is essential to maximize airflow through your device and deliver an even smoke. In order to do this, breaking down your herb is a crucial step.

Doing this creates a homogenous airflow through the bowl where smoke can pass through evenly. How to pack and smoke a bowl or pipe: a step-by-step guide. Get your pipe, some weed, and a grinder if you have one. Loosely grind up your weed—make sure it’s evenly broken down but not too finely ground. Hand pulling your herb is the most basic way to do this, but grinders make this process much easier. Some pro tips to help maximize airflow: Use a stem and/or nice-sized intact calyx to stuff at the very bottom of your bowl to prevent pieces from passing though.

Pack your herb lightly at the bottom and slightly denser at the top for an even smoke. This allows the cannabis toward the top to maintain a burn—or cherry—while opening up airflow for easy inhalation without clogging. Put a flame or other heating element to it and enjoy! We all started somewhere, so for everybody first learning how to smoke a pipe, there are a few pieces of etiquette to follow to ensure you have the best possible experience. When engaging in a smoking session with others, make sure you pack a bowl that’s proportional to the size of the number of people in your smoking circle. For an intimate session, pack a personal bowl or a “snap” when alone or with one other person. This way, you take turns lighting personally packed micro bowls meant to be consumed in one single hit. For larger groups, heavier packed “party bowls” ensure each smoking buddy gets a fresh hit of green herb. Traditionally, the provider of the cannabis will determine who gets to light the first hit. To make sure everyone gets the same experience, make sure to corner your bowl by only lighting a fraction of the visible cannabis. This lets everyone get the same great flavor without leaving an ashy hit for somebody at the end. If the bowl is already lit, feel free to pass it, but let your passing buddy know the bowl is cherried. With these tips in mind, smoking a bowl should be a walk in the park. Always remember to use proper etiquette when packing a bowl for friends, and make sure you are consuming cannabis in a safe and legal place. This post was originally published on October 27, 2016. What to call the plant, the paraphernalia, and the products (without sounding like an old hippie) Cannabis lovers are constantly coming up with new ways to talk about cannabis, cannabis consumption, and types of cannabis. This includes references to how weed is measured, cultural and consumption slang, as well as concentrate-specific terms and phrases. We’ve broken down some of the most common slang for weed to help you get your vocabulary a little higher. Slang for Weed (the plant itself): Cannabis has been known to grow “like a weed”, sprouting up anywhere it finds warmth and moisture, similar to common weeds. Generally referring to premium cannabis or the “nugs” of the plant. These are the top most flowering buds of the cannabis stalk and often contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. Similar to nug, the term finds its origins in the description of a specific part of the plant. While commonly used to describe wet, moist and unpleasant areas, it is also used to refer to premium cannabis. Similar to skunky smells being unpleasant to many but desirable in cannabis aromas, a “dank” quality to your cannabis is a good thing. This term has Spanish origins, dating back to Mexican slang for those under the influence known as “greefo” which later became abbreviated as reefer.

As a natural plant with many healthy, nutritional and medicinal properties, the plants is categorized as an herb, though colloquially “herb” is used to refer to the smokable products of the plant.

Often used to describe regular, ongoing symptoms (chronic cough, for example), Chronic has been used to refer to premium cannabis. We try to stay away from this term now as people become more familiar with its antiquated and racist connotations. Refers to cannabis and has roots in the Hindi word for hemp plants. 20-sack, 40-sack, dubsack, generally anything “-sack” is a reference to the size or amount of cash spent on your bag of buds.


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