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You get to enjoy uplifting energy, creativity, and focus all rolled into one. While Sour Diesel isn’t the most focus-enhancing strain around, it allows you to get on with your day just fine with a slight buzz in the back of your head thanks to the sativa-dominant effects. With a THC content reaching up to 26%, Sour Diesel is not a strain to mess around with.

Make sure you go low and slow; a little goes a long way with this strain. Take too much, and you could find yourself much too euphoric to achieve anything. Flavors: Spicy, citrus, sweet Effects: Improves focus, uplifts mood Cannabinoid Profile: 0.85% THC | 20% CBD. The current cannabis market is flooded with high-THC strains that aim to get users intoxicated. Medical cannabis users, in particular, want to use strains that will help them without leaving them locked to the couch. The ACDC strain is renowned for turning the tables – this strain has a high CBD content, but barely any THC to speak of. As a result, you can take ACDC without becoming intoxicated, allowing you to experience the effects that you desire without ruining your schedule. One of the most-reported effects of ACDC is heightened focus. Users say that they feel happier, uplifted, and focused.

It may be the perfect strain for ADHD sufferers experiencing a low mood as a result of their condition. ACDC can uplift you while also ensuring you get on with the task at hand. Worth noting, however, is that users also say the effects are subtle. You might not notice anything drastic after taking ACDC, and that’s part of its charm. Flavors: Citrus, pine, sour Effects: Uplifting, relaxing, improves focus for some. Cannatonic is another high-CBD strain, but this one features a little more THC than ACDC. The Cannatonic strain may provide a mild buzz on account of its THC content, which varies between 7% and 15%. However, it contains more CBD than most strains, at around 12%. This unique cannabinoid profile makes it likely that users experience a mild head high, but without experiencing anxiety and paranoia. You may feel relaxed, but not so much so that you’ll experience couchlock. Several users have reported feeling more focused, too. Flavors: Citrus, earthy, spicy Effects: Focus, relaxation Cannabinoid Profile: 1% THC | 10% CBD. Another one with a high CBD level, the Harle-Tsu strain, has significant amounts of CBD. While the average is about 10%, some samples have tested at 38.78% CBD! The ratio is about 20:1 CBD to THC, so you can rest assured that you aren’t likely to get intoxicated. Harle-Tsu is said to provide a quick pick-me-up, all without causing a buzzy high. As a result, it gives you the energy and focus you require to complete your daily tasks. Please note, however, that if you take this strain in the evening, you may drift off into a deep sleep. As such, this strain is better enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon if you’re trying to get things done. Flavors: Grape, strawberry Effects: Calm, euphoria, focus Cannabinoid Profile: 14% THC | 1% CBD. Unlike the other strains on this list, Zkittlez is a sweet one. The flavors it contains are strawberries, grapes, and other fruity flavors you might find in a bag of Skittles. It’s also another THC-heavy strain, although it contains 1% CBD as well. The THC content can overwhelm you if you take too much, leaving you spaced out and euphoric. If you’re trying to complete tasks, we recommend taking only a tiny amount of Zkittlez and seeing how you feel. Again, high-THC strains tend to be better for focusing on creative tasks rather than paperwork. If you’re attempting the latter, perhaps opt for a CBD strain instead.

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