does detox work for drug test

One of the best ways to use the extra time is to get into an exercise regimen. If you already work out, look into putting in some extra exercise. By exercising, you provide your brain with a distraction for when you’re craving to smoke. Moreover, exercise also helps to burn excess THC stored in fat cells. Exercising during your break will help to reduce THC build up in your system, meaning a better high after you get back to cannabis use.

Taking up a new creative hobby can also help to take your mind off the smoking cravings. You can decide to take up photography, learn photoshop, or learn how to cook. Start doing something that you’re future self will be proud off, and you’ll be able to put off cravings to smoke. You can choose to ease into your tolerance break by tapering. Tapering allows your brain to get accustomed to lower THC levels slowly. By cutting down the amount of cannabis that you smoke, you can dramatically reduce your tolerance to THC. One way to reduce your daily intake of marijuana is by cutting either your morning or evening joint from your routine. Try doing without that wake and bake session, and you will notice a difference in how high you get when smoking that before bed. Cutting down can also involve reducing the amount of weed you roll in a single joint.

Try using smaller rolling papers, and packing less weed in your joint. One thing to remember when tapering is to maintain your consistency. If you decide to cut off the morning joint, maintain this consistency for as long as you had planned your tolerance break. If you break this consistency, you’ll be back to looking for more potent buds even before your THC receptors start replenishing. Are you looking to save the money you spend on the extra buds, without having to quit? Vaping allows more THC to reach your bloodstream without having to smoke more. Through vaping, you can lower your tolerance without reducing the amount of cannabis you consume. However, since you’re still getting THC to your system, it will get to a point where even vaping won’t work for you since your CB1 receptors continue to downregulate THC absorption. Once you get to such a stage, a complete break from weed is the only way to get back your old high. So, use this method only as an avenue of last resort. Going on a Tolerance Break Without Giving Up Smoking. If you’re like me, you probably enjoy the physical rituals of smoking the same way you enjoy the high. I love the taste and smell of weed, which makes tolerance breaks unbearable. During my first break, I started smoking cigarettes to keep up with the rituals. I hated having to smoke cigarettes, and when my tolerance break ended, I had a hard time kicking cigarettes out of my routine. In my subsequent breaks, I discovered Solomatic CBD. Solomatic CBD is a groundbreaking strain that contains 21% CBD and 1% THC. With this strain, I still get to enjoy the taste, aroma, and smoking rituals without worrying about my tolerance level going over the roof. The Choice of the Best Way to Lower your Tolerance Now Rests with You. So, before you begin your break, ensure that you want to do it, If deep down you know you’re doing it because of your friends, or girlfriend, it won’t work. You need to have a stronger WHY power to why you’re quitting; otherwise, you’ll be back to smoking within a few days of your break. Keep in mind that your tolerance break is meant to rekindle the magic you experienced when you first smoked a joint. The tolerance break will push your willpower to the wall. “when you hit a wall, it’s time to put more effort. This is where the real growth happens.” Keep strong, and when your tolerance is lowered, you can get back to enjoying those awesome highs that you’d missed so much.

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