doctor green thumb seeds

Dr Greenthumbs Em-Dog

Humboldt Seeds presents the cannabis strain Dr Greenthumb’s Em-Dog, created from Chem#4 and the OG Kush Keif Sweat cut and thus materializing the meeting between Cypress Hill and HSO teams. Find now this feminized mostly Indica hybrid in Alchimiaweb.

Em-Dog has a robust and compact structure, being a 60% Indica / 40% Sativa hybrid that takes 9 weeks of flowering to fully ripe.

It develops a main central cola that makes it suitable for the SOG technique , although it does develop few side branches that improve the final yield, estimated in 450-500gr/m2.

The smell and taste are one of the main features of Dr Greenthumb’s Em-Dog, combining fruity and citric tones on a diesel background.

The effect of its resinous buds is balanced, first stimulant and becoming more relaxing on a second phase.

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