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Fri., June 12, 2020

One of my main objectives is to bring attention to the growers of the products that you purchase. Traditionally it has been the farmer who begins the process of how we get any agricultural product. With my farm being the sole source of income for over 30 years, I know first-hand what it takes to bring a live product to the table.

In the early days of the legal cannabis industry, I saw the initial investment as growers put out their “picks and shovels” to get underway long before any return would be realized. Like other farmers, the cannabis grower is at the beginning of the supply chain.

In the early days of Washington’s legal market, growers with ideas of high wholesale prices were soon brought back to reality with returns far lower than expected. Remaining growers have been forced to tweak and prune their business model to fit lower profits while also refining their growing methods and maintaining a quality product for increasingly discriminating buyers.

Stephanie Lamb, sales and assistant operation manager at Blue Roots, attributes the high quality of Blue Roots’ products to a number of things, from growing in coco (an absorbent byproduct from coconuts) to using a combination of lights designed to create the perfect environment for the plants.

Another of my objectives is to help dispel the misinformation and stigma surrounding marijuana. With the help of every grower, retailer, writer and cannabis user we are collectively gaining a stronger voice in bringing this magical plant out of the shadows. One of the biggest leaps during this recent health crisis is Washington’s designation of cannabis as an essential industry, just a few short years after statewide legalization.

Appearance: This particular specimen of Do-Si-Dos from Blue Roots appeared jewel-like in its clear case. The nicely trimmed purple leaves were contrasted by the overall olive green flower peppered heavily with golden orange pistils. The buds were arranged in what looked like a double helix and it took a while before deciding to break up this beautiful sight in order to reach the next step. All of the trichomes remained intact as evidence to the care taken in handling by the trimmers. This attention to detail, which preserves the terpenes, assures a greater overall experience.

Aroma: A bright citrusy lime strikes first giving away obvious freshness. This is followed with powerful live notes of deep, rich earth. But what prevails through the nose and dry hit is a strong dried lavender bringing a calming effect even before lighting up.

Effects: This cross of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies gives a good balance in the high regardless of dosage. What can be the narcotic effects of Face Off is offset nicely by Girl Scout Cookies leaving a clear mind and relaxed body. Let the terpenes guide the THC to their intended pathways and the tingling effects begin in the toes and creep slowly upward. Relax and enjoy the feeling as it could take at least 30 minutes before body and mind come into sync. Do-Si-Dos would work well for relieving stress and anxiety while providing a remedy for tight or achy muscles. The bright clarity of mind should make for just the right edge in social gatherings or deep philosophical discussions. Best enjoyed later in the day when leisure is the main activity.

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This particular specimen of Do-Si-Dos from Blue Roots appeared jewel-like in its clear case.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Review

If you liked the taste of Girl Scout Cookies and enjoyed the potency of Face Off OG, then you’re going to get your kicks with their majorly Indica hybrid strain Do-Si-Dos. With THC level ranging from 19 percent to a staggering 30 percent ratio, combined with the best phenotype features coming from both Sativa and Indica lineage, you get a potent and long-lasting psychoactive trip that’s surely going to impress even a seasoned consumer.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Main Features

When you hold Do-Si-Dos buds in your hand, you can notice a very light, almost lime shade of green, leaves and white pistils sprinkled with trichomas that appear as glitter, especially if you place your palm towards the sun. Buds are elongated, elliptic, and spongy on the touch when the herb is fully grown.

Bring it closer to your nose and you’ll notice an herbal, slightly citric aroma that also leaves a trail on your palate. From the moment you take your first hit, you’ll notice a powerful buzz that stones you immediately, making each new hit a step towards a full relaxation while your mind starts to wonder. That being said, it’s easy to understand that these strain effects are not something you wish to experience during a busy day when you need to be on the move or multitasking.

Medical effects

When it comes to medial application, Do-Si-Dos weed strain contains just traces of CBD, which doesn’t make it the best material for oil production, however, the herb itself has substantial medicinal capacity. Due to its calming properties, this strain provides a way to battle anxiety and stress without the need for pharmaceutics products.

When it comes to health concerns, there aren’t any negative side effects that you should look out for, however, because Do-Si-Dos contains such a high level of psychoactive substance, novice users, as well as more experienced ones, should restrain from taking higher doses so to prevent any panic attacks that might occur.

How To Grow Do-Si-Dos Weed?

If you’re looking for a way to grow your stash of this amazing Indica-leaning hybrid, there is a vast offer of seeds on the market. The plant grows well both indoors and in an open-space environment, however, you should make sure that the outside temperature is warm and humid. It’s also safe to say that as the plant nears maturity, it starts to spread its aroma throughout so it’s best to equip yourself with some air filters and ventilation systems.

Besides, there’s a nice trick to get your buds sprinkled with some purple shades if the night temperatures drop just above freezing. This won’t affect the yield, which is average, but it will significantly add to the appeal of the flower.

Where to get seeds and Do-Si-Dos products?

  • Barney’s farm offers a variety of feminized seed packs that you can order online and pay with a credit card, cash or even cryptocurrency, which is a big plus for all of you who don’t want to leave a digital footprint of your purchase.
  • Seedking also provides a variety of payment options for their Do-Si-Dos seeds. The seller suggests an 8-9 week growing period before the plant is ready for harvest.
  • Iheartjane makes their wax extracts for all of us who love vaporizers. This company partners with dispensaries all over the US and Canada.

What About Edibles?

Do-Si-Dos makes a perfect ingredient for brownies that provide a strong and long-lasting high that locks you down to your couch while allowing you to get into a conversation that’s surely going to spark a fair share of laughs. There’s always an option to buy already made cookies, brownies, and gummy bears made using this potent weed strain.

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Do-Si-Dos weed strain is a highly psychoactive cannabis strain that you should consider using after a long day at work or a friendly sit-down with your buddies. It’s moderately easy to grow, although it requires a strain-specific climate. The effects of this weed get you in a creative high, but if you don’t mind the dosage, it’s going to be a challenge trying to get up for a while.

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