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By the time bloom comes around, these plants start to produce a delicious fruity aroma. That aroma deepens as the plant bulks up with thick, characteristically indica-style buds. Somango XL needs roughly 8–9 weeks to reach full maturity.

It is particularly well-suited for training techniques as it is small and easy to manipulate. When harvesting indoors, you can expect to bring in about 575g/m². Outdoors, yields can vary, but tend to be around 600g/plant. Top 10 Highest Yielding Strains of Marijuana in 2020. If you’ve ever considered growing your own marijuana, the yield is surely a factor – therefore, you should put one of the highest yielding strains at the top of your shopping list. As a grower, you’ll likely put a lot of thought into the marijuana you are growing. After all, your goal is to produce the high yields of buds, right? To be honest, there are tons of factors responsible for your yield – it’s not all about whether you choose an indica or sativa strain. You also need to consider the climate, your grow medium, the nutrients you use, and more.

However, the plant’s genetics are some of the first factors you can control when it comes to producing a bountiful crop of weed. We’ll tell you all about the best indoor strain for high yield and potency, as well as the overall highest yielding marijuana strains for you to consider. Created as a blend of two infamous strains of weed, OG Kush and Critical Mass, this marijuana strain is known for its light and sweet flavor reminiscent of citrus. It also packs a punch with its strength and is one of the best indoor cannabis strains for high yield and potency. You do need to be careful growing Critical Kush outside – it’s not one of the high-yielding outdoor strains because it is prone to mold. The buds mold from the inside out rather than from the outside in, so it’s important that you create a setting where humidity can be closely regulated. Greenhouse or indoor growing is preferred, as is heavy feeding in order to ensure bountiful yields. Pros: Heavy feeding produces good yields Citrus flavor Produces potent buds. This is easily one of the most popular high yielding strains of weed to grow – but it’s also acknowledged as a high yielding indoor strain. Created in Amsterdam, White Widow was developed as a cross between landrace strains from Brazil and Southern India. Smokers love its euphoric effects but growers love its high production of buds and resin. White Widow hasn’t stayed in Amsterdam, however, but is a popular high yield indoor strain in the world. It is resistant to mold and pests and flowers in just nine weeks or less. It produces its best yields in indoor gardens – once you have your seeds, there’s little else you need to do to care for this White Widow plant. Pros: Award-winning strain Great for indoor growers Resistant to pests and mold. Perhaps one of the most popular high yielding strains in the United States, this hybrid plant is also known for its big bud strain yield. It produces mildew resistant buds that are flavorful, easy to find, easy to grow, and ample in number. Its buds have a mellowing effect that are also euphoric, a factor caused by its blend of indica and sativa strains of marijuana. Popular among beginning and expert growers and smokers alike, Blue Dream is one of the best strains for high yield. It is easy to grow and suitable for outdoor farming, too, as it was originally developed for this purpose in California. This plant truly reaches its full growing potential under the sun, responding well to a mild Mediterranean climate. One of the highest yielding outdoor strains, Blue Dream produces tall, lanky growth but not at the expense of its dense buds. There are plenty of other high-yield marijuana plants to consider, but Blue Dream is a smart choice if you’re looking for a cash crop that requires minimal time and effort to cultivate. Pros: Great for outdoor growing Produces dense buds Mildew-resistant strain. Northern Lights is a 90% indica and 10% sativa hybrid.

It offers the best of both worlds in that it is one of the strains that produce high yield not only for indoor but also for outdoor growers. The high from this plant offers both physical and mental relaxation, as the strain has 18% THC. the flowering time is just 7-9 weeks and can be ready for harvest as soon as mid-October in many outdoor growing zones. This strain has a sweet, citrusy smell combined with skunky and spicy undertones. It’s great for producing an uplifting – yet occasionally sleepy – high and produces ample yields of dense buds. Pros: Gorgeous bud colors Yields 12-16 oz per 3×3 ft Has a pleasant citrus flavor.

A combination of Cheese and Querkle strains, Cheese Quake is a high-quality strain with potent yields. It is one of the purest hybrids you will find, taking ideal genetics from both types of plants and using them to strike the perfect harmony between a physical and cerebral high. The buds have a unique aroma that is not unlike cheese – it’s a sour, funky smell with fruity undertones that is beloved by smokers. It grows quickly indoors and is one of the best high yielding indoor strains overall. It should be topped early on to keep it growing in a bushy shape, but otherwise, it will grow quickly and vigorously, reaching massive sizes without you needing to do very much at all.


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