do buds grow at night

When plant bud day or night?

  • Sep 21, 2006
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  • MR.BLUNTZ420
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    • Sep 21, 2006
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  • RangerDanger
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    Your plant will do most of growing at night. During the day they are gathering all the Co2 and light to use during the dark cycle to grow. I am sure they grow a little during the day but they do most of the growth and bud production during the night.
    Your plant should be starting to get buds very soon since you are 3 weeks into flowering.

    Hope that helps

    I disagree.
    I raise my 2″ rooted clones to 15″ in 3 weeks under 24/0 light.

    Mr. Bluntz,make sure you have the lights on a timer, 12/12, and make sure NO LIGHT, and I mean NO light gets to the plants during the dark cycle.

    first off i am new at this. i am about 3wks into flowering, but when does the plant actually bud? i have heard it does during the dark cycle but i dont…