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Purple Bud by Seedsman is the product of breeding together 3 famous West Coast purple strains – The Purps, Purple Akala and Purple Oregon Sativa. The resulting plants grow similar to Skunk #1 in structure and growth patterns, while maturing into a deep, almost black, purple color. Purple Bud is easy to grow indoor and outdoors, a good choice for cultivation in high latitude cold climates. Flowering Time 9 weeks; Early October Strain Breeder Seedsman Pack Size 10/100 seeds Yield Moderate. Buy Purple Bud Regular Seeds🌱 Purple Haze x Malawi.

Purple Haze x Malawi by Ace Seeds is a long flowering pure sativa F1 hybrid strain bred from Purple Haze and Killer Malawi genetics. It produces tall, willowy plants capable of massive yields at the end of its 13-16 week bloom cycle. Recommended for outdoor cultivation in moderate climates, due the plants finishing late in the season. Purple Haze x Malawi buds exude rich, fermented aromas of exotic fruits, incense and citrus. Extremely strong sativa high with stimulating, energetic effects. Flowering Time 91-105 days; November Strain Breeder Ace Seeds Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds Yield High. Buy Purple Haze x Malawi Reg / Fem Seeds🌱 Pakistan Chitral Kush. Pakistan Chitral Kush is a pure indica purple strain known around the cannabis world as one of Pakistan’s best hash production plants.

Bred in the Iberian Peninsula since the 90’s, Pakistan Chitral Kush by Ace Seeds/Cannabiogen has been selectively inbred for maximum colors, tastes and scents. The seeds develop into two main phenotypes – one stays green while the other gets pink, red and purple colors. Both have an indica structure with wide leaves, branching growth and a fast flowering time. PCK shows surprising resilience against rain and fungal disease. The potent Kush buds produce a stoney, relaxing effect. Flowering Time 8-9 weeks; End of September Strain Breeder Ace Seeds/Cannabiogen Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds Yield Medium. Buy Pakistan Chitral Kush Reg / Fem Seeds🌱 Purple Paro Valley. Purple Paro Valley by Mandala Seeds is a mostly sativa hybrid based on landrace genetics originating from Paro valley in West Bhutan. In its natural climate this strain has adapted to the frequent droughts, monsoon rain and cold winters of the Himalayas. Two generations of hybridization has helped to increase yields and bud quality. The plants grows somewhat fragile in structure, while massive in height with long branches that may need support as the buds gain weight. Purple Paro Valley is a trusted backup strain of guerrilla growers, good for cultivation in wet climates. About 75% of the phenotypes will display brilliant purple coloring. Flowering Time Mid-Late October Strain Breeder Mandala Seeds Pack Size 3/6 seeds Yield High. Buy Purple Paro Valley Feminized Seeds🌱 Purple #1. Purple #1 by Dutch Passion is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid created in Holland during the 1980’s. Bred from Purple Afghan with indica and sativa strains, Purple #1 is adapted to growing in the northern latitude outdoor Dutch climate . As soon as flowering starts the purple color appears in the leaves and will bleed out from the bud tips. Hits fast with a speedy “up high”, although the effect is short-lived. Flowering Time 8 weeks; September-October Strain Breeder Dutch Passion Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds Yield 250-350 g/plant. Rare Darkness by Rare Dankness is a 70% indica strain created by crossing Grape Ape together with Rare Dankness #1. Rare Darkness seeds grow into beautiful dark purple bud plants short and stout in appearance. The highly resinous “sugar coated” buds have a sweet, grape flavor and give a strong relaxing effect. Flowering Time 60-75 days Strain Breeder Rare Dankness Pack Size 12 seeds Yield 200-300 g/m2. Buy Rare Darkness Regular Seeds🌱 Top Autoflowering Purple Strains. LSD-25 Auto by FastBuds Seeds is an prized autoflowering cannabis strain that provides fast high yields of dark purple buds with an intense psychedelic potency.

A very popular strain in the growing community, LSD-25 Auto is a heavy feeding , thirsty plant that reaches a height between 26-48 inches.

It turns purple during flowering like the buds were splattered in black paint.


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