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Napa Marijuana News & Events

What Are Landrace Marijuana Strains? All You Need to Know

unsplash.comHumans have been enjoying the benefits of weed for centuries. Early records of the use of weed go back thousands of years to the steppes of Central Asia and China. What began as a renewable and cheap source for things like clothing, paper.

Outdoor Cultivation: How to Have a Successful Off-Season

If you grow cannabis outside, the fall months may as well be a holiday. But while late summer brings gorgeous flowering and late fall’s “Croptober” celebrations are marked by massive harvests, heavily hung drying rooms, and the sound of cons.

Is Mexico the Next Country to Legalize Marijuana?

There are plenty of reasons why Mexico is the seventh-most visited country in the world by tourists. Stunning Caribbean and Pacific beaches, mist-shrouded mountains, mysterious Mayan and Aztec ruins and a phenomenal cuisine draw millions to the U.S.’.

Top 6 Cannabis Strains to Smoke this Fall

You’ve probably been caught up in the craziness of summer, so now it’s time to sit back and slow down with the arrival of the fall season and the changing autumn leaves. Your clothes change with the seasons, so why should your weed be any differen.

Napa Dispensary Reviews

i love coming here the people are really nice and honest about the products joints are too tight to smoke DONT CHANGE THAT there perfect for bowls they last longer.

Always a pleasant experience! Good edible choices,wonderful, and helpful bud Tenders!

I had a great experience with Lizzy when I was in. She was very helpful and so full of energy.

I look forward going to the store and checking all the new products that come in. From the plants to the all the different items to pick from its awesome. All the employees are awesome but the one that stands out is Rick Martin. He goes over and above to help ones out. Hes a asset to you business and hard to find employees like him these days. Thank you all for everything you do.

I’m a med patient. Been coming here for years. The best place for me so far. Great selection, friendly staff, and good prices.

Sure it’s a cool place, but the price of pot is ridiculous. They are just ike the pharmaceutical companies, caring more about money than anything else. including those they claim they want to help. Dispensaries still claim some product is “pure indica” but most are not,they’re hybrid. And yes that DOES matter.

Excellent dispensary! Knowledgeable staff!! Great selection of everything. Great sales too. Clean and very well managed. I don’t go anywhere else.

I enjoy going here. Great staff and product. Good prices too.

I liked the atmosphere inside. Everyone is so nice and make you feel like your family.

Small place but nice and helpful person. Clean with good prices.

Small place, but nice person and she describes all the products very well. Good prices too.

I love L.E.S. I’m hooked at the hip with L.E.S. The staff is the BOMB. The patients are treated well. Mrs. Slipper

Great place to go, friendly staff, convenient parking & location. Roberta Slipper

Great visit. Awesome staff. Need cape pens for wax though. Other than that great visit.

Always a pleasure, fast, friendly and convenient!! 😎

The club was amazing I love the way everything is set up I would coming back

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