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I can't normally do any type of sativa except Jack so this was a match made in heaven. Jack H is probably my favorite Sativa so I was excited to try this hybrid. Relaxed and happy high that cracked all the tension out of my back. Just got some at fireleaf in okc.coming in at an amazing 23.5% thc!

And for only $95 a half.smoked a few bowls,great head buzz and a very nice relaxing body high.will put you on lockdown for sure.great pain relief i can see why this flew off the shelves at the dispensary. I just got some of this and it works amazing for pain. A great example of this strain just cam through our lab. The terpenes were obvious so I suggested to the grower that he should sample them. The terpene profile is almost all jack herrer, so Im doubting the "70% indica part". We saw 26% THCA+THC, 2.3% terpinolene and 0.96% myrcene and 0.28% alpha pinene. Its one of the highest terpinolene strains we have seen, but those are jack herrer terpenes not black domina. Growing cannabis is surprisingly simple: all you need are a few seeds, pots, water and light.

If, however, you want to maximise yields and also save time, you will do best with a Sea of Green. No other growing approach will allow you to harvest so much in so little time. The pioneering spirit of the Dutch is the stuff of legends. The telescope and the microscope, stock exchanges, Fairtrade, CD’s, Bluetooth are all Dutch inventions. It was also the Dutch who developed a new way of growing cannabis in the 1970s, which would change commercial growing forever. We are talking about the Sea of Green method, which combines two major benefits: maximum yields and minimum time invested. With a few simple tips, any keen gardener can successfully grow cannabis. The cultivation of cannabis indoors presents the grower with the same challenge every time: how do you make best use if the (limited) space available and how do you ensure that the plants get as much light as possible? This approach to cultivation uses a lot of small plants, instead of a few large plants. The growth phase is deliberately kept short, so that the space is completely filled and the light efficiency can be maximised. Which cannabis varieties are suitable for a Sea of Green? It is important to use a suitable variety of cannabis and the best idea is to use clones from a single parent plant. This will ensure that the plants all grow in the same way. Growing identical plants for a short period is the main key to success with a Sea of Green. If you prefer to use cannabis seeds, then make sure they are all of the same variety. Sativas tend to grow too lanky and would impinge on the other plants, but Indicas are more suitable. The following varieties are particularly appropriate for use as a Sea of Green: Super Skunk, Afghani #1, Hindu Kush and because it is very robust, the classic Northern Lights as well. Auto-flowering cannabis varieties shift automatically to the flowering stage within a few weeks of germination. On the other hand, auto-flowering seeds tend to develop a branch structure with a wide reach. In addition, because of their Ruderalis genes, they will never develop buds as large and potent as those from seasonal cannabis. Does Cannabis Help Heal Wounds and Injuries Faster? The ideal pot size is around 15 cm, holding 4 to 6 litres. This means the plants will be fully mature at a height of 30 to 50 cm.

Anyone living in a small apartment, or working with a Micro Grow Setup, will understand the benefits offered by only needing a small vertical space. Experienced growers can even use shelves to stack several growing levels on top of each other. A common mistake is to assume that the pots need to be placed as close together as possible.

This creates a seamless plant surface area, which initially sounds like a great idea.


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