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Went in because i heard about them on The Blaze in colorado springs advertising skme crazy prices. As low as $50 an ounce. The lady behind the counter talked the bud up and up before we went back to look at the medicine. They did have large jars of weed but the flower looked like shit. The budtender had no sense of care. She reached her dirty ass bare fucking hands down into the bottom of every single jar of weed she showed me and to top it off they are not upfront about pricing. They have preweighed bags for $50 and under but if you want to ha e it weighed in front of you it is $20 an 1/8th. They can add keif tk your sack for $5 a scoop but why do you need to dk that of your weed is good? We they have to because their weed is not good at all. They claim high test rates as we but the bud did little in terms of high or body feelings and could be best described as straight hemp. Not a high in the house. The edibles are decently priced. If thats all your looking for. Go liteeally anywhere else for weed but this place. anywhere.

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Monument Dispensary Reviews

Seemed efficient, effective, and no real complaints

Was not happy with the quality of the buds. It was dry af and crumbled with ease.

Great never had a problem, cool drivers, great product

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Lucid Blue from DC Monumental

Hello, my snow angels! Well, when you’re finished playing outside, why don’t you cozy on up with some hot cocoa and an even hotter recommendation from your Gentleman? DC Monumental is the newest marijuana gifting brand bringing serious heat to Washington, DC, featuring several boutique strains (exclusively and in limited supply) from 1st place DC Growers Cup winner & 2-time 2nd place Capital Cup winner Jamaster JP. DC Monumental is a pick-up service, sort of a cross between delivery and the event scene. You gotta swing by DC Monumental’s nice, brightly lit location to pick up the gifts you’ve seen on their menu. All you gotta do is sign up for their daily newsletter for menu updates and pick-up info!

Ok, you wanna talk about the flowers now? Hooboy, Monumental hooked the Gentleman out with lots to try. The flowers were fresh, well-cured, sporting crystal petticoats and a range of intoxicating perfumes to make any Downton Abbey extra jealous, but a few had more sugar leaves than I’d like. The lady of Monumental Manor is the notorious White Widow, a regular on their menu. This one is shy on trichomes but it gave me a great energy boost for about thirty minutes. The jetfuel burns off quick, though, and will need to be replenished. Preferably with cupcakes. Splitsies?

White Widow Flower

Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath

Digging into Jamaster JP’s stash, the Skywalker OG crossed with Grateful Breath was a stunner. Smothered in beautiful trichomes and with a spicy funk that’ll make you Oooowee! Make sure you pick some of this indica up next time it’s on the menu. I felt positively giddy as this flower’s gentle euphoria took hold, scrubbing away the harsh edges of the day before the body stone rocked me softly to sleep. If Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath was a lullaby, then Lucid Blue was a half-brick in a sock gently administered to the back of the head. I feel slow, then numb, then it’s naptime.

Jamaster JP’s Platinum Purp was better for daytime, putting me in a very pleasant mood but allowing me to think clearly enough to follow the many satisfying twists of LEGION, a mind-bending X-Men spinoff about an immensely powerful, schizophrenic mutant and serious threat to Agents of SHIELD for best Marvel TV show. Homie OG is our last shoutout and was actually grown by The Potent Company (TPC). These dense nuggets produced one of my favorite combinations, an energetic hybrid that lifts my spirit and focuses my mind at the same time. This is how we make the bacon, baby!

DC Monumental’s flowers, and these exclusive drops from Jamaster JP and The Potent Company especially, are a superior choice. Have a look at their Instagram- I think you’re really gonna like the pick-up dynamic but I know you’re gonna love these flowers. Get yourself on the list! And speaking of lists, don’t forget to Subscribe to mine to get in on my next giveaway. I don’t want you to miss out, baby!

Lucid Blue from DC Monumental Hello, my snow angels! Well, when you’re finished playing outside, why don’t you cozy on up with some hot cocoa and an even hotter recommendation from your