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Your chosen rig must satisfy your specific needs as a vaper. The best dab rig should produce high-quality vapor and enhance the flavor of the cannabis. As with any electronic device, it is ideal that it has a long-lasting battery life, whether rechargeable or not. Though your dab rig is small and portable, it must be made using high-quality materials. The device should withstand constant use and the usual wear and tear.

Last but not the least, you must consider the pricing. Check this site for a wide selection of dab rigs: https://www.vaporizerchief.com/glass/dab-rigs. In choosing the best portable dab rig, this review considered performance, functionality, and quality, as well as price points. All the rigs have received excellent marks from users. Whether you are a beginner or not in dabbing, these units will not disappoint. The following list contains the best dab rig brands for 2020. Used with either dry herb, wax or concentrate, this versatile unit delivers high quality and large clouds of vapor every time. It has a wide variety of temperature settings that allow users to pick their ideal range. Dabber Switch boasts of long battery life, producing up to 150 hits before it has to be recharged.

Though the unit is a bit larger than the others in the list, it is sturdy and efficient enough for outside use. Dabber Switch is not cheap, but it is worth your money. This unit is one of the most popular rigs in the market. Reasonably priced and beautifully designed, the Dr. Dabber Boost produces tasty, high-quality vapors that satisfy even the pickiest of users. You can choose from three types of nails – quartz, ceramic or titanium – depending on your preference. It has preset temperatures, which are perfect for beginners. This is a dual-function vaporizer made by Airis Tech. Users can enjoy both wax or oil concentrate without any trouble. The HeadBanger features both Dip and Dab atomizer, plus a nectar collector atomizer that you can attach at the base of the unit. When you inhale, the mouthpiece cools and purifies the vapor, giving you the best vaping experience. The unit is made of sturdy aluminum that will not easily get damaged while in transit. This dab rig boasts of a high-quality filtration system, easily cooling the vapor without affecting the flavor. The Puffco Peak’s SmartWare automatically adjusts the bowl temperature. The unit is a bit bigger than the regular small-sized dab rigs but still portable. Potassium Deficiency In Cannabis Plants - A How-To Guide. With potentially deadly consequences and a higher chance of appearing in the flowering stage, a potassium deficiency can be dangerous. Make sure you're prepared to prevent and even solve it if a deficiency arises. Just like you and I, all living things require a very specific set of conditions to survive. But survival is not the only factor to take into account when growing cannabis. In order for plants to yield the best buds they can, you’ll have to take extreme care to ensure a thriving crop. This includes noticing deficiencies in time to correct them. Today, we’ll be covering just one - potassium deficiency - , although the procedures are similar amongst many different deficiencies. In cannabis, potassium is essential for many important functions.

It takes part in the photosynthesis process, which gives the plant its green colour, and is crucial to plant health and development. During a drought period, potassium is the nutrient that improves a plant’s resistance, not that you should go any period without watering your plant. This is more important for cannabis that grows freely in nature as it’s responsible for aiding the movement of water through the plant. In conjunction with phosphorus, potassium increases the strength and resistance of the root system as well as the plant’s tissue. This will also help protect the plant from harsh, cold weather. Considering all these factors, it’s clear to see how potassium is essential for your marijuana plants. However, your average grower will give more importance to how this nutrient affects the buds of the plant. Potassium is a nutrient that helps increase the weight, density, and volume of your delicious nugs. This is why being able to recognise and fix this deficiency is an important skill to have as a grower. It’s important to note that if you are currently handling plants in a hydroponic system, you won’t have to worry about this.

Potassium deficiencies are extremely rare in water-based systems. If you have similar visual symptoms, make sure you double check your system before treating it for this problem. Deficiencies do happen in soil and other mediums every so often. The most common symptom you’ll notice is a brown or yellow colouring in the tips and edges of the leaves. With the passing of time, these will curl up, appearing burnt - much like an iron deficiency.


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