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DAPPZ AUTO, INC. has been set up 6/18/2015 in state FL. The current status of the business is Active. The DAPPZ AUTO, INC. principal address is 210 W Hollywood, MARY ESTHER, FL, 32569. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 210 W Hollywood, MARY ESTHER, FL, 32569. The company`s registered agent is CLINE LETICIA 210 W Hollywood, MARY ESTHER, FL, 32569. The company`s management are Director, Secretary, President, Treasurer – Cline Leticia, Treasurer – Cline Jack, Secretary – Elisa Acevez. The last significant event in the company history is NAME CHANGE AMENDMENT which is dated by 7/27/2015. This decision is take in action on unknown. The company annual reports filed on Annual reports – 7/10/2018.

DAPPZ AUTO, INC. From MARY ESTHER Reviews. Registered Agent is Leticia Cline. Treasurer is Jack Cline, Secretary is Acevez Elisa. ⚡Name Change Amendment⚡