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The biggest thing to remember when it comes to smoking cannabis is that it is a personal experience. It is down to your taste and preference on everything from bud to paper, so you may have a favorite we haven’t talked about today. We would love to know if you have a go-to brand that isn’t on our list! Let us know in your top five in the comments section and give a review of any brand we mentioned in this piece.

Purple to just ‘have a drink’, or only just to dine. Purple is definitely a destination bar – one you arrive at early, and leave late. This is in part due to the fact that they have amazing views over the roofs of New York City, and in part due to their private pool – the ultimate draw on a sticky summertime day. Looking more like a contemporary loft apartment than a restaurant/bar, Mr. Purple sits atop the Hotel Indigo in the Lower East Side and boasts an expansive rooftop terrace complete with padded lounge seats and twinkling fairy lights, designed in color palette of greys, yellows and purples (naturally). Inside, the long metal bar invites you to pull up a leather pew and enjoy your drinks while admiring the city skyline through the huge plate glass windows. But let’s not get too bogged down with the decor details – the drinks themselves are worthy of our time. Purple’s cocktail list is replete with classics and contemporaries, all mixed up with top-shelf spirits and fresh juices.

Two of their concoctions (the Moscow Mule and the Sparkling Negroni) are actually carbonated and bottled in-house, then presented to customers in tiny soda bottles for their drinking enjoyment. And no-one’s going to complain about the heat when they have the Summertime Spice to cool them down (silver tequila, chile liqueur, agave nectar and fresh lemon). There’s also craft beer on tap and international brews in cans, as well as a decent wine list, while the food menu spans brunch, lunch and dinner with delights like the Lobster Roll, the Kale Caesar and the Yukon Gold Home Fries. It hardly bodes well when a new spot suffers a virtual thrashing by local media before it’s even opened the doors. But that’s exactly what happened when Lower East Siders caught wind of the latest project from the Gerber Group (Irvington, Kingside): a 15th-floor bar that crowns the Hotel Indigo and takes its name from the late guerilla-gardening icon Adam Purple. Detractors claim that Purple—a modern-day hippie who dedicated years to fighting urban decay—would have scoffed at such an appropriation of his name, while the owners defend the choice as being in-line with their commitment to the nabe. (Separately, but not insignificantly, Purple himself was a controversial figure: He was a convicted sex offender.) Name dissention notwithstanding, the reality is that Mr. Purple is neither as wild as naysayers would have you believe (there’s no dance floor) nor as exclusive as its proprietors surely hoped it would be (it’s refreshingly unpretentious). Instead, it strikes a middleground befitting its surroundings, with an overzealous bouncer failing to dampen the surprisingly relaxed fun, well-crafted cocktails and unobstructed views. ORDER THIS: Veteran barman Nico Szymanski (Irvington) centers the cocktail menu ($15 per drink) on festive punch-style pours and pre-bottled elixirs. Purple spikes an autumnal mix of apple juice and allspice dram with Casamigos reposado tequila and tart cranberry liqueur, while a stealthily boozy Girl Next Door splashes stiff vodka and mildly bitter Byrrh with mint, blackberries and soda water. Impatient boozers can grab a ready-made cocktail—mixed, carbonated and bottled in-house—such as the Bottled Usual Suspects (Pyrat XO rum, falernum, pineapple). GOOD FOR: Bar-bite standards amped up with ingredients sourced from homegrown favorites. From the kitchen, all-day offerings range from cast-iron mac and cheese baked with Beecher’s Flagship cheddar ($14) to Hebrew National hot dogs cooled with Pickle Guys sauerkraut ($10). Drop in during weekend afternoons for a brunch menu featuring requisites like eggs Benedict ($21), along with fun imports including knishes from Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery ($8). THE CLINCHER: Round up the squad for a night out—there’s plenty of space here for big-group boozing. Couches are set in a living-room-style arrangement around the perimeter, with rows of communal tables filling in the middle beneath reclaimed-wood rafters and industrial pipes. During warm months, the revelry sprawls across two terraces sporting a swimming pool and 6,000 square feet of panoramic outdoor space. Purple may have stepped on a few toes with its name choice, but it does a damn good job of honoring its neighborhood with that one-of-a-kind cityscape. Cannabis is an incredibly diverse plant that has been selectively bred in many different ways in order to produce a wide spectrum of effects for users to select from. Strains that lean towards the indica end of the spectrum tend to “stone” and relax the body, whereas sativas have an energizing and uplifting effect. The latter are great for recreational fun, yet they also serve as fantastic tools for boosting creativity and focus at work. Sativa-dominant strains have great potential for motivating people out of feelings of stress and anxiety. Here are the top 10 uplifting cannabis strains for when you need an uplifting and energetic boost!

Jamaican Dream is as sativa-dominant a strain can get without being 100% pure. Her uplifting and buzzing high has won multiple awards within the cannabis world, including first place at the Slovakia Cannabis Cup in 2011. High THC levels of around 21% and a heavy sativa buzz produce a high that is fast-acting and incredibly energetic and motivating. This strain is one to roll up before working on creative projects such as writing, making music, or painting.

Taking a hit of this strain before working out or playing sports will also help to boost focus and alertness. The terpene profile within Jamaican Dream features mind-blowing flavors of tropical fruit, citrus, and strawberries.


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