crystal plant food

Our products

Flowers and plants need the best care from the moment they start to grow. With our pre-harvest solutions you can be sure your flowers and plants grow to their full potential and are well protected.

From the moment they’re harvested, flowers and plants start to lose their vitality. Our post-harvest solutions boost quality, reduce waste and improve the opening of buds. That way, they stay fresher for longer!

Flowers and potted plants need to be kept fresh and hydrated during transport and in-store display. Chrysal’s conditioning products don’t just enhance quality, they help to reduce waste and extend the sales period too.

For the most beautiful creations, whether in vases, pots or floral foam, you want to keep the flowers, foliage and plants fresh and hydrated at all times. Chrysal has different products which enhance colours, reduce evaporation and improve the opening of buds.

We offer solutions to keep cut flowers and potted plants looking fresh for longer, whether you grow, transport, sell or simply enjoy them at home. Chrysal. Nurturing beauty.