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Crown Royale Strains

All About Crown Royale

Crown Royale strains are Crop King’s signature strain. Comes with high THC levels and CBD, this strain has become one of the most sought after strains of the company. It’s considered to be the “Best Of” in almost all categories in the marijuana world. It comes as a 70% Indica and a combination of the 2 most prominent strains available now in the market – Blueberry and Purple Kush.

Crown Royale cannabis strains are a sweet Indica dominant hybrid that mixed the best of parent cannabis strains Purple Kush and Blueberry at once. Its flower is beautiful to look at with its bright purple shade and deep green leaves.

Crown royal cannabis seeds appear at the touch of the forest floor with a piney scent.

Crown Royale was bred in Canada and is already for sale in 200+ stores that carry Crop King Seeds‘ brand.

Crown royale strains is an autoflowering cannabis strain that has a earthy and pungent flavor and a Indica-dominant strain. It's also short to medium tall.