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And the preroll was so awful I couldn’t bear to smoke the whole thing. It’s a pity to put NETA down this far on the list cuz the shop is quite cool. North England Treatment Access’ Brookline shop is a converted bank, like many dispensaries are, but this one still looks the part. It’s the closest one open to Boston, so it’s the busiest. I drove by it on the Fourth and the line was enormous.

The next day I arrived at 10:15am, fifteen minutes after opening, and still had to wait in line for forty-five minutes. I’ve been at other dispensaries with long lines and they handed out water to folks in line on days like that, or maybe some snacks for long lines on 4/20. I asked my budtender, who was very helpful, and she said they often have long lines, not just on holidays. They do have pre-order available, so if you don’t need any assistance and are fine picking stuff off a list, you can cut your wait time down considerably. NETA Brookline had both the best extract I found and the worst flower, though, so your results may vary. They also limited flower purchases to an eighth for each adult-use customer per day, which is pretty harsh. They had shatter available, except demand was too high so they restricted it to medical patients only on the day of my visit.

There’s supposed to be on site parking but it’s probably gonna be full and you’ll have to park in the neighborhood a couple blocks away. I’m a horror nerd so I was thrilled to visit Salem for the first time. I went to the Witch Museum, I got a copy of the Malleus Malificarum, I visited the House of Seven Gables and learned what a gable is… tre’ cool. The building is austere, tall, an imposing brick fortress. Its undecorated lobby made me feel less like I was here to buy weed and more like I was here to visit my weed in jail. Past the security door and it’s much brighter and nicer. But I still had to wait in line- not long, maybe 15 minutes on a weekday afternoon- and while they expected to have edibles available for adult-use customers soon, they didn’t on my visit. They’ve got a big parking lot, and that gets it plenty of bonus points even though it’s an hour away from Boston. You remember Good Chemistry from our last trip to Denver, right? Their shop in downtown Worcester is the only one I didn’t have to wait in line or any other nonsense. Parking is limited to medical patients only, but it was easy to find around the block. Just like their Denver shop, though, the inside is too dark. I’m too old to be at a rave, my dude, turn the lights on! No confusing rules about purchase limits, plenty of options along all product lines, plus the #2 flower I found on the trip, damn close to #1. My budtender wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about the product, but that’s only a slight knock, cuz she was willing to bring me all the samples I wanted to sniff. A bigger issue is that Worcester is about an hour away from Boston. If you’re down for the ride, I can certainly recommend it. This is the other dispensary actually close to Boston, just half an hour away. This one still requires adult-use customers to make an appointment. I called late in the afternoon, ninety minutes before close, and had to settle for a visit the next morning. Depending on your schedule, that might be a dealbreaker for you. There was no line when I got there, staff was friendly, and I didn’t feel forty-five minutes of line breathing down my neck waiting for me to finish my transaction. I could take my sweet time sniffing and asking questions.

Garden Remedies only had one flower in stock when I visited, the Cornbread, which makes #3 in my rankings. They had several options for extracts, vape cartridges, and edibles. Nice building, looks sharp inside and out, plenty of light, easy parking. If you’re staying in Boston and have time to make an appointment, I think Garden Remedies is your best choice. Overall, I’m pleased with the quality of flower I found around Boston. NETA’s Blackwater OG and ACT’s The Chronic were both decent, though on the harsh side. The Cornbread from Garden Remedies is rather loose, damn near larfy. The smell is a bit off, but it’s clearly a smoother smoke than the previous pair. Temescal’s GG #4 vs Good Chemistry’s Purple Mayhem is a close call. Purple Mayhem is very purple, like 80s Prince purple, but the GG #4 has tighter nugs and an edge on potency, so it wins.

Seven East- Focus (Garden Remedies) Sira Naturals- Headband (Temescal) RUBI Pod- Blue Cheese (NETA) UKU- Double Dream (Alternative Care Therapies) Commonwealth Alternative Care- Cold Press Amnesia Haze (Good Chemistry) When we’re grading vape cartridges, we’re looking at whether there’s any harshness to the pull first and flavor second. It’s not harsh, but the flavor is really off-putting. But you gotta buy a RUBI Pod thing to use with it, which you probably don’t have. It’s pretty cheap and you can use it with refillable nicotine salt liquids, too, so it’s not that bad.


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