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They allude to their sytems supplying all the HHO you need. They allude to a strong possibility of melting your pistons. Their system might be enough for my wife's 4 cylinder Camry but it certainly isn't enough for my 6.0 Powerstroke diesel. There is way more honest info being exchanged here then is available from them. In fact if you try and ask them technical questions about their system they will cut you off and tell you about all of their satisfied customers.

Something like that should be posted on this sight: They are a new site but are trying to track stuff like that. I will probably send my unit to Seigrene (another HHO unit mfg.) for extensive testing as they have the proper resources. They will document and video the results and maybe this company will have to either clean up their act or go away. All, I have been dealing with this company for 6 months. I do have their unit installed in my 2002 Ford Explorer. Previously i did have a Smack wet cell running and performing well with a digital efie. Now i am not pro any one, just a customer that bought a unit from Hydroclub Thanks Rick. Are you running 2 tablespoons of Potassium Hydroxide per QUART of distilled water as they recommend?

No Dave i am not doing this, 2 teaspoons per gallon of distilled water. I have learned to bench set up and test before taking peoples direction. Thanks for your thoughts I am still an avid reader of this site. I know there are alot of ripoffs out there Thanks Rick. I was asked to look at each of the following HHO companies and calculate if their claims of HHO Liters Per Minute could be substantiated , based on the descriptions and configurations listed on their web sites. That is not to say that a companies product is good or bad. It is simply to determine if the stated LPM output is even close to being possible with their suggested operating amperage and plate configuration. Because, Potential Customers are being advised to buy on the basis of LPM output based on Amperage. That can be very misleading when the actual LPM output is not substantiated or even probable. It makes one company product look better than another company's --- on paper; buy from me, my product is better. This has to be stopped, and the Florida Attorney General's Office is doing something about it. It would help the Buyer, if a company listed how long their Cell would operate (at a suggested amperage) without overheating (We could call it --- Run Time). The Run Time for a 5 plate cell is shorter than a 6 plate cell. Likewise, the Run Time for a 1 stack cell is longer than a 2 stack cell (unless each stack has its own Bubbler/Tank). Two stacks, sharing the same water, heat the same water twice as fast (could be a good thing - could be bad). Companies are stating that their cells produce exact amounts of LPM. That is not needed; Approximately or About is all we need. And don't report it was measured with a device that the customer can not realistically purchase and measure with - themselves. Filling a bottle with water and displacing it with the gas is about the most realistic measurement I have seen; although crude. At least, it allows us to Time it along with them (and visibly see mistakes they make doing it). The method is not exact, but it is close enough for us to make a decision; I have proven this time and again with my Cell Configurator. There are too many companies using oxygen meters, hydrogen meters, air meters; and no telling what else; none of those measure HHO even close to acceptable measurements. Dwyer company will custom make a hydroxy meter for you, but you must tell them the Exact % of hydrogen and oxygen mix. You could tell them any % you want, and they will make it and label it "Hydroxy". I leave it to basic Faraday Laws of Electrolysis of Water. That is why I built the Cell Configurator to calculate possible LPM outputs.

Close enough for me, and close enough for anyone to use to evaluate a product's LPM claims. I am purposely excluding special electronics that may or may not increase HHO production; that may or may not increase efficiency. I also purposely exclude MMW efficiency ratings because practically no one calculates it correctly - yet they all rely on it to make sales pitches. MMW accuracy is only as good as the measurement of HHO; not an exaggerated claim. Well I have checked the late great Michael Faraday's calculations against the AliCat, and I can tell you, the AliCat fudges the gas amount, unless you filter out the water vapor. But if your measurements are within 10% of Faradays calculations, for your cells LPM, I will pass you as being reasonably accurate.

So, if your Company is listed below, you should be proud to be on the Substantiated Claims List, and concerned if you are listed on the Unsubstantiated Lists. " DON'T MAKE CLAIMS YOU CAN'T BACK UP --- WITH DOCUMENTATION --- REPEATABLE ! " Make that information available for your potential customers to see and examine. "A Lot of Companies have gone Out of Business" Companies with Substantiated Claims of Liter Per Minute Output Verified with my Cell Configurator It is Rare for a company to provide all of the Details needed. The details they used to provide showed they had an efficient .


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