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How they did this we don’t know – but this sleek, low profile piece of kit is strong and sturdy with an excellent lift capacity. The problem with car Jacks that come with a big lift capacity is they are often extremely heavy, making them frankly a pain to move around a home garage. Arcan have listened to that complaint and brought this model to the market. Boasting an all aluminum construction, the ALJ3T brings a lift capacity of 3 tons in a tool that barely tips the scales over 55 pounds.

That is a lot of lifting power in a pretty light package. If you’re worried that a light Jack could have stability issues or feel flimsy in use then you don’t need to be concerned here. This is very sturdy, and the cleverly reinforced lifting arm provides additional strength and durability where it’s needed most. This is a heavy piece of equipment; lets get that out of the way first. At the same time however, that heaviness is not wasted. Instead, this is just a very well put together and very sturdy. It’s ultra low profile means that it can get under even super low clearance cars for easy lifting, and its 2 ton lift capacity will help it handle just about anything that can be thrown it’s way except very large trucks and SUV’s. That long chassis is also very handy – especially for front wheel drive vehicles.

Not only that but it can lift a vehicle to a height of around 24 inches – that is a very generous lifting height for such a low profile Jack. To say that this is a pretty basic Jack is actually to do something of a disservice to the F-767. Yes, it is cheaper than a lot of comparable models out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out. In fact, using this tool it soon becomes clear that you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. It has a low profile that makes it easy to get under low clearance cars and it has an excellent 2-ton lift capacity. If a complaint could be made, it would be that a lifting height of only 14 inches may not be suitable for everyone. That being said, it will get your car up quickly and efficiently – for the price you’ll pay, that is not bad going at all. This combo set is lovely and compact, and would be great for a smaller garage/shed/anywhere where storage is an issue. The price is also exceptionally low, and admittedly the Jack is a very basic model. That said, both it and the stands are of sturdy enough construction, and when used in combination will provide a solid lifting platform for most cars smaller than SUV size. The lifting height is pretty low, so this set is probably best deployed for tasks like changing tires – it may not lift high enough to make it easy to get underneath the car properly. Still, if you want a cheap and reliable Jack to have on hand to tackle the occasional wheel change, this is a great set to invest in. Brand Liftmaster Model FBA_615ZH Weight 31.8 Pounds. Sturdy, simple to use and relatively cheap, these Jack Stands are a great addition to any home garage. If you are planning on working underneath your vehicle, you simply must invest in a set of stands. They will help to hold the vehicle and keep it safe as you work. These stands are well welded and will last a long time, making them ideal an ideal long-term investment for occasional or frequent use. With the car up, these stands are nice and sturdy and will happily hold up any car smaller than a big SUV or truck. It has clearly been designed for the serious home mechanic, boasting a number of useful features that will come in handy if you are regularly raising cars and bigger vehicles. The first thing to notice is the high lift capacity of 3.5 tons – this tool will lift just about any vehicle outside of extra large trucks and Humvees. The second feature that impressed us was the fact that the saddle sits on a swivel, making positioning of the Jack nice and easy. The built in fast lift gets vehicles off the ground in just a couple of pumps and the all steel construction feels nice and sturdy. All in all, an excellent car piece of equipment that would very useful to most home mechanics! The trouble with branding your product as “Premium” is that it automatically has high expectations to live up to.

Thankfully the Neiko 20272B more than lives up to it’s lofty moniker. Lets tackle the build and construction first and we can state that this Jack is certainly premium class here. An all aluminum construction keeps the unit weight down to an easily managed 57 pounds. In addition to the low weight it is so small, with such a low profile; it will easily get under pretty much any car no matter the clearance. In operation it lifts smoothly and feels sturdy and secure. A 3-ton weight capacity is superb, and a lifting height of a shade less than 20 inches is incredible for such a low profile Jack.

No, it doesn’t come cheap, but frankly you should look at this as long-term investment, as this outstanding piece of equipment will probably provide all the car lifting capacity you will need for years to come. Fans of everything aluminum will love the Powerzone with its 3-ton capacity fully capable of lifting up to 6,000 lbs. It has a robust construction that’s a perfect complement to your ultra-modern vehicle.


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