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] 2 semillas 14.00€ 4 semillas 24.00€ 7 semillas 38.00€ 12 semillas 48.00€ SLH - BSF Seeds. Presentamos la variedad SLH de la linea Star Players de BSF Seeds, una poderosa variedad caracterizada por su aroma Haze a limón y su efecto altamente estimulante. Blueberry Afgoo is a hybrid cannabis strain said to have predominantly Indica leaning characteristics. However, consumers say at the onset, it is all energy when Blueberry Afgoo comes on with strong euphoria.

As the euphoria fades, a comforting body buzz takes over, easily attaching you to the nearest couch, some have shared. The dense dark green buds have deep purple hues and bursts of orange pistils all over. Prominent terpenes linalool and pinene are evident in the fruity and piney aromas. Sweet blueberry also comes through, perhaps more so on the exhale. Blueberry Afgoo is a hybrid cannabis strain known for its uplifting energy and euphoria, according to reviewers. Blueberry Afgoo’s name means that it is a descendant of Blueberry and Afgooey strains. Blueberry Afgoo gets its name from its lineage history, namely Blueberry and Afgooey strains.

Blueberry Afgoo smells like fruit and sweetness with piney undertones. Blueberry Afgoo cannabis strain tastes sweet like fruit and blueberries with hints of spice and earth. Blueberry Afgoo is dark green with purple hues and bursts of orange pistils all over the buds. Blueberry Afgoo cannabis strain is said to come on strong with an uplifting euphoria that eventually fades into a mellow, calming relaxation. Blueberry Afgoo’s terpene profile has a pleasing palette of pine, skunk, and berry. Blueberry Afgoo is a relaxing strain that was created by crossing Blueberry and Afgoo. The Blueberry Afgoo terpene profile has a pleasing palette of pine, skunk, and berry. Terpene Content Please note this list is only the major constituents, each blend actually contains between 8-15+ isolates. Myrcene , Ocimene , beta-Caryophyllene , alpha-Bisabolol , Humulene , alpha-Pinene , beta-Pinene , Terpinolene. I work for a product manufacturer in CO and was tasked with finding a way to flavor our cartridge products in a quality way that didn’t negatively impact the functionality of the cart or the experience for the consumer. We tried several options that got us half way there but always ended up being less than ideal. After a bunch of research and asking around I decided to look into terpenes for this. I’m happy to say we finally found what we were looking for and it works incredibly well. This was the first flavor we tried as a test run and it is quite good, I am excited to see what some of the others are like. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Dutch Passion’s Glueberry OG Auto is the autoflowering variety of their super-potent Glueberry OG. Thanks to Gorilla Glue, Blueberry and OG genetics she delivery the same awesome taste, good yields and potency while being super-easy to grow. Glueberry OG Auto is a very rewarding autoflower that sure won’t disappoint! Dutch Passion - Glueberry OG Auto: Autoflower that Delights with Pleasant Taste and Good Potency. Dutch Passion’s original Glueberry OG had already made quite some impact and found a large number of friends due to the fact that she’s a very hard-hitting first-grade sativa-dominant hybrid. Glueberry OG Auto is Dutch Passion’s brand new autoflowering variety of this strain which brings us a new, spectacular autoflower that really everyone can grow without losing a sweat. Like her bigger photoperiod sister, Glueberry OG is a cross between a Gorilla Glue and an OG which for the autoflowering version Dutch Passion crossed with an original Auto Blueberry. The result is brilliant autoflower where they managed to keep the same awesome taste of her parents together with the convenient autoflowering qualities. Auto Glueberry OG is especially well-suited if you want to grow her SOG and ScrOG style so can max out her already more than respectable yields. Needless to say, her being an autoflower makes growing her a piece of cake where you don’t really have to worry a lot.

Just give her basic nutrients, light and water and she’ll grow happily looking forward to reward you with some premium bud. Her life cycle from seed to harvest is a reasonable 11 weeks, which keeps the wait still reasonable. When you smoke Auto Glueberry OG you can taste a quite unique blend of American and Asian flavour influences. Her dank Diesel notes are perfectly accented with the fruity tones of the Blueberry, making for a very pleasant and sweet smoke that makes enjoying her a pure delight. Thanks to her potent parents she delivers a powerful sativa high that won't disappoint.

Glueberry OG Auto by Dutch Passion combines awesome taste with the convenience of an autoflower and good yields. These qualities make Glueberry OG Auto an autoflower, that is worthwile growing! Recently added item(s) × You have no items in your shopping cart. Glueberry OG Auto took a Gorilla Glue x OG Kush plant and then crossed it with an Auto Blueberry to produce a flavour and high just like the photo-period Glueberry strain. Auto Glueberry OG is a sativa-dominant auto-flowering strain that grows indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses.


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