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Cinderella 99 Strain: A Fairytale Like Experience

Marijuana experts are experimenting a lot these days, mixing sativa and indica breeds with the goal to create a new, excellent pot every now and then. It doesn’t happen often that they manage to create a true masterpiece with excellent medical effects and recreational uses.

Well, in the case of the dreamy Cinderella 99 strain, you can be certain that you will taste an incredible hybrid with the ideal balance of its parents’ features and effects. This breed has been worked on over and over again, perfected into an incredible pot that makes you feel like you’re living in a fairytale. Naturally, that is where the inspiration for the name comes from.

With a combo of pineapple, pine and skunk notes, the Cinderella 99 weed has some of the best Kush properties and features. The spacey and energetic high is combined with increased focus and energy, which are just a few of the great effects of this bud.

Cinderella 99 Strain Info: What is the Cinderella 99 Strain Lineage?

The Cinderella 99 weed strain or as it is otherwise referred to, the Cindy 99, is a combo of the classic sativa Jack Herrer and the potent indica strain Shiva Skunk. The result of this crossing is a sativa-dominant hybrid with only 15% indica ratio. Since its parents are both potent strains, the Cindy 99 is also a potent bud. Its THC content is averagely 21% with minimal CBD contents.

According to High Times Magazine, the Cinderella 99 marijuana strain is one of the contenders for the top strains in 2009. These popular seeds are the masterpiece of Mr. Soul at Brother’s Grimm, some of the most popular breeders in the world. One other nickname for this beauty is the shortened C99. Stories say that Mr. Soul found the parent seeds inside a package of Sensi Seeds he bought in Amsterdam of Jack Herer. It took him three generations of testing and crossbreeding to create the ideal combination. As a result of his persistence, we now have the chance to get high with an amazing pot, taste its delicious wax, or even use C99 oil in our edibles.

What are the Effects of the Cinderella 99 Weed?

As we mentioned, the Cinderella 99 marijuana is sativa-dominant, which makes it an excellent daytime strain. Its effects are energizing and motivational, but they’ll also keep you focused and productive. This makes it a perfect daily pot when you want to go through your busy schedule without fatigue or stress. Not to mention, its effects are amazing for medical marijuana use since it can be consumed during the day.

If you consume more of the Cinderella 99 cannabis, this can turn into an adventure, and a bit psychoactive one. However, you should be mindful about this since some of the side effects that occur when you consume more than a moderate dose of high THC strains include paranoia and anxiety.

Those who consume the Cinderella 99 cannabis strain report a typical body high to sativa strains, combined with the giggles for which you don’t have to have any particular reason. This means that you’ll experience immense feelings of happiness and euphoria, which will entirely rid you of all the stress you’ve been dealing with.

Are There Any Medical Benefits of Using the Cinderella 99 Strain?

Sativa strains are a marvellous alternative treatment, especially for mental health issues. That being said, Cindy 99 is perfect for dealing with stress and depression.

Because of its effects, the Cinderella cannabis strain is frequently used to combat nausea, lack of appetite, arthritis, muscle cramping, joint aches and pains, chronic pains like migraines, chronic fatigue disorders, and inflammation.

If you plan to use it medicinally and frequently, you’ll be happy to hear that it comes in the form of edibles and extracts, too, which makes it easier on the lungs. You should also note that the effects take around 10 to 15 minutes to kick in, so you should give it some time before you increase your dose.

What are the Side Effects of the Cinderella 99 Weed Strain?

Most marijuana strains are linked to two common side effects: dry eyes and cottonmouth. These are also the easiest to manage and can be handled with some hydration and moisturizing drops. As we mentioned, some of the other possible side effects of the Cinderella 99 strain include paranoia and anxiety, but these are less likely to occur if you’re an experienced smoker or take a moderate dose.

Unravelling the Cinderella 99 Strain Review: What are the Features of the Cindy 99?

It’s not hard to distinguish the Cinderella 99 weed from the rest of the strains. This bud has an original scent and flavour that’s strong and long-lasting. Because of its lineage, it has a skunky feature, but this is combined with pine and citrus flavours, which gives it a unique touch.

How Does the Cinderella 99 Marijuana Strain Smell, Look, and Taste?

Consumers of the Cinderella 99 weed strain compare it with pineapples. It has sugary smell and taste combined with citrus and fruit scents. You will also sense an aroma of pungency and earth.

When you smoke this weed, you’ll feel like you’ve tasted something tropical. Its smoke is smooth and doesn’t cause frequent coughing, which can make you want more and more. But, you should still pace yourself since the effects can take some time to kick in.

When it comes to looks, this crop is short in stature, which makes it a perfect indoors strain. Some are growing it outdoors, but because of the requirements and the stature, you might want to consider placing this flower indoors.

Cindy 99 has rich and dense buds that are really sticky. This can make the breaking process a bit hard unless you use sharp scissors or a grinder. You’ll also notice the orange pistils that curl amongst the leaves covered in trichomes.

Who Is the Cinderella 99 Marijuana Most Suitable For?

A great variety of cannabis users can consume this strain. Since it makes for a great daytime smoke, it is very popular among those who need to run many errands, want to de-stress a bit, and need creativity boost. It’s also an excellent medical treatment cannabis option, especially if you’re dealing with chronic stress or pains.

This is a strain that’s high in THC content, which is why it isn’t ideal for inexperienced users. If you do choose to start your journey with it, you should definitely start small and keep increasing the dose when you get accustomed to the high.

Is the Cinderella 99 Cannabis Strain Popular with Growers?

Breaking apart the buds of the Cinderella 99 cannabis strain can be tough and the plant is demanding, so it’s not perfect for novice growers. But when it comes to experienced growers who have room indoors, this strain equals a massive yield and great interest in consumers.

How to Grow the Cinderella 99 Cannabis

Even for its cultivators, this plant is a dream come true. It has huge yields, an ideal height for indoors growing, and short flowering times. The buds are pungent and tasty, but a bit tough to break apart. Growers need sharp scissors to do this, and they have to do it often for best effects.

Other than this, the strain is a low-maintenance crop. Cinderella 99 cannabis is highly resistant to mildews and molds, as well as pests. It doesn’t grow higher than 100 cm and can alternatively be grown outdoors as long as you meet its climate preferences. The flowering period is seven to nine weeks.

Is the C99 Useful to Edibles?

Mostly because of its many medicinal applications, the C99 comes in a variety of forms. You can smoke this pot, but also cook its oil in edibles, consume wax and gummies, or opt for extracts and concentrates. Most recreational users enjoy smoking it because it allows them to immerse themselves in the taste and smell, and because it is a smooth smoke that’s easy on the lungs. But, when you need to consume it frequently for medical purposes, you might want to use the alternatives.

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Cinderella 99 is a dream come true for the majority of marijuana users. It’s uplifting, provides you with happy feelings and euphoria, but keeps you sharp and allows you to complete your daily tasks. This is an ideal daytime strain that will remove all the stress from your life and give you a happy, energetic high.

In addition to being an amazing recreational smoke, this bud is the perfect herbal treatment for chronic pains, ADD and ADHD, nausea, depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, migraines, inflammation, arthritis, etc. Since it boosts the appetite, you might want to have some snacks handy. Not to mention, this is an excellent boost of appetite for people who have been fighting cancer.

Because of its great popularity and the amazing lineage, the Cindy 99 pot is extremely popular among growers and users and can be found in many forms that include pot, edibles, gummies, concentrates, and extracts.

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