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About Chocolate Oranges

Citrusy Indica Chocolate Oranges is a rare Hybrid with interesting genetics

California OG Kush crossed with Mint Chocolate Chip. OG Kush is cherished for its ability to crush stress under the weight of its heavy euphoria. It carries an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants. Mint Chocolate Chip is a rare 50/50 Hybrid with a delicious taste and good blend of relaxed body and alert mind. Patients report this strain is great for treating headaches and nervous stomach disorders.

Chocolate Oranges About Chocolate Oranges Citrusy Indica Chocolate Oranges is a rare Hybrid with interesting genetics California OG Kush crossed with Mint Chocolate Chip. OG Kush is

Chocolate Orange Strain Review

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In this episode of ISMOKE Strain Reviews Tyler Green dissects the Chocolate Orange cannabis strain herunterladen. Bred by Mean Beanz and grown by 7Star Farms, this is a hybrid strain with effects on both ends of the spectrum. Learn more about Chocolate Orange in this video and for even more info check out our smoke report…

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what is going on welcome back to the I smoke Channel and another cannabis inspired video with me your host Tyler Greene today I’m gonna be talking about another new strain this time coming from seven star farms it is a mean beans creation and we are going to talk about a strain called chocolate orange right here on the ice mocha Channel let’s talk about the background of this kind of mystery big up to seven star farms big up to main beans it was great to catch up with you to get an idea of what is coming through at the moment I’m thrilled to be able to present some of the new mean beans bread strains and I just want to thank everybody for making this video possible this is a strain called chocolate orange it combines Jaffa Cake cookies on the female side with choc min og on the male side and that has basically given us the chocolate orange going further into the genetics the jaffa cake cookies is a cross of tangi and the phantom cookies that is a mean beans creation in partnership with London dank released on the frosted London don’t label we reviewed it about a year ago and you can check that out on the ice smoke channel the choc min oh gee combines emerald og and granddaddy purple that is bred by Humboldt and that is an indica leaning strain I’m excited about it let’s talk about the appearance of this cannabis strain looking at seven star farms chocolate-orange this one looks fantastic guys look at the bud development the lovely structure of these nugs the pistols are almost invisible on this they’ve actually just covered in Troy combs this is a really cloudy frosty looking bit of bud and it’s got a really lovely complexity to it particularly when you shine it under the flash in a similar way to strains like Casey Jones where there’s all different colors all different shades all different levels of shininess all coming together to form the buds this has got that I can’t see any wild yellow or orange it’s just kind of a almost uniform green in there in the bright light here but then the complexity comes out under the flash nice and dense dry hasn’t got a lot of give to it and it’s just covered covered in delicious trichomes it’s a good look up it’s a really nice look a strange perhaps leaning more on the indica side in the bud structure top marks for me and the appearance but how does it smell let’s put it back into the bag I want to try and get there a good idea of those Terps as they can’t as they leave the bagging into my nostrils Oh a very different flavor to it actually so the orange is their slight hints of grapefruit actually probably coming through from the tangi in the lineage it’s very sweet it’s not terribly apparent but it is there it’s like a sharpness as well interestingly this bud smells a little bit like weed when you vaporize it the first couple of breaths often taste quite similar it’s got kind of a VP cannabinoid taste this is oozing the smell that reminds me of that flavor almost like it’s been in a vaporizer it is the best way to describe it the chocolate sweetness and the mint enos maybe coming through slightly less before the bud is disturbed but I’m sure that is going to change let us break a blood open and see what smells come out here we go [Music] it’s about 17 different smells there that is following on from the complex appearance seven star farms chocolate orange has an incredibly complex aroma as well you get the orange notes and the most prevalent often is the case when it comes to the citrus inspired strength the menthol e sweetness of the chocolate is there not in the way that I would have expected it before I sniff this strain it’s got a richness to it it’s got sweet undertone and it is incredibly complex kind of like an orange cocktail but if you have an orange based cocktail when you’re out a fantasy bar somewhere and it smells wonderful you can’t figure out where all that smell is coming from what they put in there that’s the sort of smell I’m game right now from the chuck orange comes out lovely straight away once the butters being broken let’s grind it up see what it does for this meal whoa it’s just changed again it smells more like a tutti frutti no yeah and I call tutti frutti you know the you know the little blackjack sweets the fruity versions of them refreshers sweets let’s talk about the taste of the chocolate orange cannabis strain you super happy to be covering this train so far if the taste and effects are following on from the appearance and the aroma then I am in for a treat I’m going to put some into my bong and I’m gonna put some into the mighty vaporizer which just give me a wonderful idea of that flavor it’s the taste section of the review people so we’re going to turn this on while this is heating up I’m gonna hit the bong I’m gonna let you know what I think about the smoking experience and then we’re gonna move straight on to that flavor via the mighty oh yes super excited guys here we go 175 join me for this bowl of chocolate orange and I will see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] Oh seven star farms very good grower the quality of the weed through the bung is lovely nice and smooth it reached me in great condition there’s no harshness no heat smoking experiences lovely labour wife what is coming through as well overtly just this sort of smooth smoking experience it tasted good through the bong I’m struggling to pick out the notes of flavours perhaps not as easily identifiable the vapor is gonna be a lot more of a giveaway when it comes to the flavour no comment yet let me have another taste this yeah cake cookies flavor is there it’s got that sort of sweet tea orange enos that you get from that side of things the mint far is there the coolness perhaps coming from that choc min og in its heritage is also in the flavour no skunk enos or pungency just a really delicious tasting beta guys this is at 175 whack out to 180 some really good one survivor [Music] I’m trying to feel good so let’s talk about the effects of the chocolate orange today I have been smoking what has become apparent is an indica dominant strain I feel good in my body I feel nice and relaxed as it all starts to kick in it’s kicking in nice and quickly which tells me that it is nice and strong when I smoke strong strains they kick in quicker than when I smoked strains that have got perhaps less of a percentage of THC in them that has got a ten out of seven for flavor through the mighty that is wonderful effects wise it has been some time since I consumed the bong and just finished off the vape of the chocolate orange it’s a nice strong one guys indica dominant it is on the relaxed inside of the spectrum I’m feeling nice in my body I can notice sort of a light sensitivity and a relaxation sort of emanating from my my midriff and my legs are starting to feel a little bit more relaxed as well this is the first time that I have smoked this strain so I am being treated to a full spectrum of the effects happy relaxed slight dry mouth slight light sensitivity feels like manageable indica four in the day I’ve could update that in a second as the high progresses it’s got like kind of an old-school feel the effects despite being a new strain on the market the way is hitting me sort of reminded me of highs that I’ve had in years past hybrid of course a lot of most stuff or a lot of stuff these days is on this sativa side it is also of course uplifting I feel kind of a a mental clarity actually with a relaxation some strains on the sativa side actually clear-headed Tevas a really good full clarity but this is more sort of relaxing I’d say that it’s a nice strong strain to be smoking guys I’m liking the chocolate orange a bowl of it less something’s up so today I’ve been smoking a strain called chocolate-orange by SEVIS star farms really impressed with this bit of blood guys appearance-wise it is looking good lovely complex look to it lovely developed bud structure smell wise wonderful complex notes again following through into the smell particularly when I break it open when I grind it up all new smells coming through but that citrus that orange sweetness is dominant member I was there as well taste wise it is smooth smoking and tastes wonderful in my mighty vaporizer so I’ve got to give it top marks in the flavor again the citrus really comes through this a nice orange the sharpness disappears in the flavor and it becomes more it’s just tantalizing it’s a really nice flavor with that I’m going to smoke this bowl and I’ll see you all on the other side Cheers [Music] once it tastes nice through the bomb you don’t get the citrus note so much it’s not as distinguishable a flavor but it’s a smooth smoking experience it’s a pleasure to smoke through de Jong’s we don’t makeup and effects wise nice and strong leaning on the indica side now is progressing it’s an indica dominant hybrid there’s definitely sativa effects creeping in you know I mean I’m feeling relaxed but I can still do stuff you know in a pure indica likely would just sit me down and make me want to chill for a bit and this isn’t doing that I feel good in my body I feel good in my mind and the chocolate orange is a great strength to be smoking in the daytime I think definitely sativa effects in there as well what do you think of this strain of the chocolate orange have you tried it do leave your comments below I’ll catch up with you in another video very soon remember to hit that like and subscribe button if you’re enjoying our content to help the channel grow that’s it for the moment as always thanks for watching and keep toasty never fathers hi biggest right how the century [Music]

Chocolate Orange Strain Review as seen on In this episode of ISMOKE Strain Reviews Tyler Green dissects the Chocolate Orange cannabis strain herunterladen. Bred by Mean Beanz and