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The step up from a gram, a half eight is generally 1.7grams of sticky icky. The term comes from the bag being half the size of an eighth. An eighth of cannabis is 3.5 grams, or approximately 1/8 of an ounce. The most common “small” increment for cannabis; think of it like a six pack compared to a 30-rack. (Also known as a quad): 7 grams or, you guessed it, a quarter of an ounce of cannabis.

A zip is an ounce, often referred to as a single unit if discussing larger amounts. The term comes from the original baggies of choice, Ziploc. Your neighborhood dealer would fill up a Ziploc with an ounce of cannabis and hand you that “zip”. (Also known as a QP): A quap is a quarter pound of cannabis. The term comes from a bastardized version of the phonetic sound made by treating the letters QP as a word. The term elbow comes from the common abbreviation for pound (lb) acting as a mix of phonetics and neumonic devices, “el-BOW”. Bow and L are both shortened versions, and Pack is commonly used to refer to a pound, often in larger groups (I.e. Taking a “hit” means to inhale or otherwise consume cannabis.

One puff on a vape pen, one inhale out of a bong, or one drag off of a joint are all considered “hits”. To get together and consume cannabis for a given period of time. The first rule of the smoke circle is to always “puff puff pass”. This means you never take more than two puffs or hits from the joint or blunt before you pass it. Throw 5 On It: Often used to say that you’re down to share the cost of what’s being smoked (or consumed, food, alcohol, etc.). The term comes from blunts being commonly rolled with a gram of weed and a gram of weed commonly costing $20. For four people to split the cost of the blunt, each person would throw down $5. Wood is a Backwood, Dutch is a Dutch Master (also known as a Dutchie), and Swishers are common cigarillos found at most gas stations. A trend and hashtag representing the choice to consume only solvent less cannabis oil options (flower, solvent less hash oil, and solvent less edibles) on Sundays. Similarly, this trend started online as a play on “shatter” and “Saturday” back smoking shatter (see below) was much more common. Numeric indicators that cannabis is being consumed or that the environment is a cannabis-friendly setting where you’re likely to find like minds. To impress during the session, it’s good to know what 420-friendly means and also what 710-freindly means. Slang for pricey, nice, rare, trending, and a variety of other uses. Originally, your head stash consisted of only the best nugs, and your “heady” pieces were used only for head stash nugs. The term has a plethora of colloquial meanings and is often used sarcastically in satire of the often expensive collections of wealthy cannabis consumers. Old school weed slang for a quick smoke break, often used during work to subtly ask coworkers if they were interested in lighting up quick. Used casually to refer to an opportunity to smoke, usually in between tasks or obligations. Someone who has consumed so many drugs that reality is questionable at best. These are the people your parents warned you about. The term and surrounding culture has given birth to a trend of its own, with “wook hunters” regularly capturing videos and pictures of “wooks in the wild.” Slang for Weed Paraphernalia / Consumption Devices. Usually a tobacco-wrapped, rolled cannabis smokable. Usually a paper or hemp-wrapped, rolled cannabis smokable, often with a filter or “crutch”; Similar to a hand-rolled cigarette and containing 1/4 gram or more of cannabis. A joint or blunt that is rolled with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, likely hollowed out of a cigarette. A handheld (or tabletop) device that vaporizes the cannabinoids in your products rather than combusting them, allowing consumers to enjoy the benefits and flavor of their product without the irritants associated with smoking and inhaling combusted ash.

A tube-shaped water filtration pipe that allows the consumer to take large hits of cannabis with minimal smoke wasted. Usually a spoon-shaped hand pipe that features an top-facing bowl-shaped area for you to put ground up cannabis and a “carb” hole on one of the sides that allows you to clear the smoke from inside the pipe. Glassware such as a bong or bowl makes an excellent weed gift. Also known as a “piece”, some people get so attached to their glassware that they’ll give it a name. A carb-less straight hand pipe, usually big enough for a few hits and great for small groups or personal sessions. Originally designed to be hit by cupping your hands around the piece rather than placing your mouth on it. A small pipe, often designed to look like a cigarette that is kept in a Dugout (hollow wooden case for packing cannabis) and holds 1-2 hits of cannabis. A consumption device that has been adapted for use with concentrated cannabis options (see “dabs” below).

These pieces feature a nail instead of a bowl for you to place your dabs on instead of loading your flower into. A blowtorch or heat gun that is used to bring quartz, titanium and glass nails up to temperature to vaporize concentrates.


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