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If the temperature or weather is likely to change drastically, then Sour Banana Sherbet can be grown indoors , as long as it has enough space. As it is a strain that grows tall rather than wide, it is important to ensure that your plants have enough room to grow and are not restricted by being kept in small cupboards. If you do not want your new hobby of growing to be overly noticeable to your neighbors this is also something that you might want to consider, as Sour Banana Sherbet plants can easily grow above fences and stand out in your garden, even from a distance. Plants take between 8 to 9 weeks to flower, with outdoor plants normally being ready to be harvested in October. You can expect a larger than average yield from your Sour Banana Sherbet plants.

Before you start growing, you might be wondering what kind of THC levels you can expect from Sour Banana Sherbet. Sour Banana Sherbet has a higher than average THC content of 18%, coming in 6% above the average for most hybrid strains. The highest levels of THC have been reported as being 24%. It is surprising that Sour Banana Sherbet’s effects are so focused on the mind, given that it has such a high level of THC , you would expect more noticeable body effects. Unsurprisingly, the CBD content of Sour Banana Sherbet is not known, this is very often the case for strains that have such a high level of THC. It is thought that there is less than 1% CBD in Sour Banana Sherbet, but trace amounts are often difficult to detect. Given that Sour Banana Sherbet has such a low level of CBD you might be wondering if it is a strain that can actually be used for medicinal purposes. Surprisingly there are a number of reasons to consider Sour Banana Sherbet as a medical strain.

Medical Benefits of Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain. Due to its low CBD content and being a firm hybrid with equal parts indica to sativa, the medical benefits of Sour Banana Sherbet are focused on its mental benefits rather than being a strain that can provide relief from more physical illnesses. The number one reason to consider Sour Banana Sherbet as a medicinal strain is to help manage both Stress and Depression. The strain’s mind high effects leave you feeling relaxed and calm, able to deal with stressful situations in a way that is not normally possible. It also acts as a mood enhancer, helping you to achieve a more positive outlook on the world and work through problems with a much more upbeat, clear head. If you often find yourself unable to sleep as a result of severe stress or regularly waking up in the middle of the night with anxious thoughts swirling round in your head, it is worth considering Sour Banana Sherbet as a sleep aid. The mind high that results from the Sativa element clears your mind, which combined with the Indica induced body high will have you drifting off into a peaceful sleep in no time. Another medical reason to consider Sour Banana Sherbet it to help cope with Chronic Pains , which prevent you from carrying out daily tasks. The body high works to numb pain, while the energetic effects of the mind high give you a much-needed boost of energy to work through chores or even go out for a fun-filled day with friends, without having to worry about constant pain. Sour Banana Sherbet has also been found to help with nausea, allowing short term relief so that you can enjoy a meal without a nagging, sickly feeling in the back of your throat. Unfortunately, with positive effects, there are always adverse side effects, but what exactly can you expect from Sour Banana Sherbet? Possible Side Effects of the Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain. As far as side effects go, Sour Banana Sherbet’s are on the milder side, and there is nothing that should put you off trying Sour Banana Sherbet either as a medical strain or just for recreational purposes. The most common side effect that you can expect to experience is dry eyes, a very common effect of most strains and something that only lasts for a short period of time with no long term effects on your health. Other less common effects that may occur from Sour Banana Sherbet is dry mouth , again something that will not last long and is easy to ignore, especially when you’re enjoying a high as pleasurable as Sour Banana Sherbet’s. In a few cases, people have reported feeling dizzy and paranoid, and this is something worth being aware of if these are conditions that you have suffered from before, but you should not feel put off from trying Sour Banana Sherbet as a result, as these are not common effects. Final Thoughts on the Sour Banana Sherbet Cannabis Strain. Sour Banana Sherbet is a well-rounded hybrid strain that plays to the strengths of both indicas and sativas, with very few negative effects from either coming through. An uplifting strain that can be enjoyed when taken both in groups or individually, Sour Banana Sherbet really is a hybrid that has a little something for everyone. With a shockingly unusual flavor and aroma, Sour Banana Sherbet is a strain that you will not be able to forget in a hurry. Given a chance, you begin to really appreciate the unique profile with its contrasting flavors and chemically, sweet after taste. Sour Banana Sherbet is perfect for beginners who are looking to experiment with social strains leaving you with a happy, upbeat buzz and good memories to match. Please support my work by sharing: This marijuana strain review is for LA Blue , which is a new cannabis strain developed by an ambitious grower located in California.

The LA Blue marijuana strain is a cross between the infamous LA Confidential and Blue Dream. This cross is an Indica dominant hybrid, but I am not sure of the percentages. Based on my experience, I’m going to guess it’s somewhere in the 60-70% Indica range. And considering that I picked this strain up in the frigid state of Maine, this weed is a long way from home. Marijuana Strain Review Rating for LA Blue: 4 of 5 Stars. [author-post-rating] ******UPDATE: I was contacted by the developer of this strain, who provided some interesting information. I mention in this review a couple of times that there is a distinct vanilla scent/flavor to this strain, which didn’t make much sense as attributes of either LA Confidential or Blue Dream. It turns out that I missing the lineage, which includes Chocolope.

The grower produced at least 2 primary phenotypes; this review is for phenotype II. Click here to read a full feature review of phenotype I, which is called Silvia’s Blue.****** LA Blue: Look & Feel.


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