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All About Cherry Diesel Weed Strain

Cherry Diesel strain (also known as Cherry Turbo Diesel) is one of the most balanced weeds for moderate to experienced users. With 50% of Sativa and 50% of Indica in it, you get the best of both worlds. The flavor is delicious! It’s sweet and it reminds you of cherries. The diesel aroma hits you as an aftertaste, but it’s not unpleasant at all.

Cherry Diesel marijuana gives you an euphoric, but balanced hit. The initial cerebral high uplifts your spirit and triggers creativity. The feeling that follows is calm, happy, and relaxed. But be careful; with around 17% of THC in it, this is not the ideal strain for beginners.

Where Does This Strain Come From?

Cherry Turbo Diesel is what you’d call an exotic strain. Made by the crossing of the award-winning Turbo Diesel and Cherry OG, this marijuana brings out the best effects to the users. Cherry OG has high levels of THC that go up to 22%, which is where the Cherry Diesel marijuana strain gets its potency. Meanwhile, the sativa-dominant Turbo Diesel has given the strain the trait to perfectly enhance your mood and act as a euphoric rush.

What are the Effects of the Cherry Diesel Strain?

This high is arousing and characterized by sharpened focused, more energy, and quite the happy feelings. If you’ve been wondering what is the most commonly reported effect from smoking it, that would definitely be happiness or, in many cases, utmost relaxation. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Happiness 62% of users
Relaxation 59% of users
Euphoria 57% of users
Uplifted spirits 49% of users
Energy boost 39% of users

Cherry Diesel marijuana strain won’t make you particularly talkative, but it will bring fits of giggles and make you feel creative and social. This makes it a great pot to smoke with friends or when you want a creative rush to finish your projects. On the comedown of this hybrid, you can expect amazing rush of relaxation, combined with a sleepy effect. This cannabis is bound to bring some couch-lock after an hour or two.

Are There Any Medical Benefits Linked to the Cherry Diesel Weed?

The three big culprits in most of our lives stand no chance against the great medical effects of the strain. You can use it to beat chronic depression, stress, and fatigue. The energetic properties tend to keep all the stressful feelings at bay, making you calm, happy and motivated.

The Cherry Turbo Diesel is also often used by people who suffer from dyslexia and ADHD. And besides the many psychological benefits, the strain has some great analgesic properties, which can soothe aching joints, headaches, and muscle spasms.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Cherry Diesel Marijuana Strain?

Whether you choose to smoke or vape the Cherry Turbo Diesel, make sure to have some water or other beverage nearby (as long as it isn’t alcohol, since it doesn’t work well with any marijuana type). The reason behind this is that one of the most common side effects of the strain is dry mouth or cottonmouth, which in result can cause headaches and even dizziness.

It is also important not to use this marijuana or any other in an excessive manner, especially if you are a novice smoker. Too much of it can cause anxiety and paranoia.

What are the Features of the Cherry Diesel Marijuana?

As we said, the look and taste of the Cherry Diesel weed are two of its most attractive features. Let’s take a look at what this strain offers.

How Does the Cherry Diesel Cannabis Smell or Taste?

Cherry Diesel cannabis smells like a basket of fresh, delicious cherries. It has a bit of a sour diesel undertone with a sweet, exotic note. When you break up the buds, you’ll smell notes of pine in the air.

The aroma is rather similar to the flavours. On the inhale, you’ll sense sweet, a bit citric cherries that dominate your palate. On the exhale, you’ll sense diesel and earthy notes of pine, which leave a long-lasting aftertaste.

Should You Consume the Cherry Diesel Cannabis Strain?

This strain has a widespread popularity. It’s neither too strong nor too week, it’s easy to grow, and it is delicious. If you’re up to a nice smoke followed by a bit of drowsiness that will put you right to sleep, this is the perfect weed for you.

Is the Cherry Diesel Weed Strain Popular with Growers?

The Cherry Diesel marijuana is extremely popular with everyone who has tasted it – or grown it. Its cultivation isn’t really hard or long-lasting. It’s most popular with intermediate and advanced growers.

How to Grow This Cannabis

Cherry Diesel flourishes outdoors and indoors, but the latter is the more preferred option. The estimated time required for this plant to flower is between 7 and 9 weeks. The seeds will offer you a standard yield and will require frequent trimming.

Is It Useful to Edibles?

You can find the strain in the form of edibles such as wax, extracts, gummies, concentrates, and other forms, including weed you can smoke or vape.

What are Alternatives for the Cherry Turbo Diesel?

Now that you know what Cherry Turbo Diesel is, let’s take a look at some similar strains.

  • Cannatonic is one of the most popular high CBD marijuana strains worldwide. This strain also has average THC levels of around 15%, with the difference that its CBD is quite close to this number. The Cannatonic is a cross of MK Ultra and G13 Haze and is also a 50% indica and 50% sativa strain. It will make you relaxed and happy without a significant energy boost, but also without the couch lock that follows with the Cherry Diesel.
  • Three Blue Kings is somewhat of a new strain, an indica-dominant hybrid created by the Humboldt Seed Organization. This strain is a cross of the popular Blue Dream and the Three Kings pot. It’s also one of the top selling strains on the market, with a THC level of around 20%. This makes it more potent than the Cherry Diesel cannabis strain, so take it with caution.


A truly energetic, motivating, and uplifting strain, the Cherry Diesel cannabis gives life to people who want some relaxation and creativity boost. This is also an excellent strain for people who suffer from chronic pains, chronic stress, or fatigue.

In the midst of an amazing flavour and a soothing comedown, users of this strain enjoy a perfect creative boost that allows them to participate in social events accompanied by a lot of giggles.

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