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A very nice gelato taste that stayed with me after smoking the bowl for sometime. The effects came on like dosidos or most GSC/Gelato like strains, slow build. It’s like a way more indica dominant version of Veranos Gelato. Overall the flower is really good for what it does at a lower thc content. Similar to purple obeah where you can’t judge the bud by its cannabinoid profile.

Super Cr3w Season Season Two Region West Coast City Las Vegas State Nevada Place 1st Members Angelito Casal Jon Cruz Abenamar Honrubia Ronnie Abaldonando. Super CR3W (pronounced "Super Crew") is an male & female assemblage of hip-hop dancers originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. The group won the second season Americas Best Dance Crew in the finals. Contrary to popular belief, Super CR3W was formed long before their appearance on Americas's Best Dance Crew, specifically in 2000. They wanted to bring the dance style, "Breakdancing/B-Boying" to the world. Jon "Do-Knock" Cruz (who appeared on Star Search) Abenamar "Ben" Honrubia.

Contrary to popular belief, Super Cr3w is made up of many more then the 6 people on Americas's Best Dance Crew. Super Cr3w comprises of three crews: Battle Monkeys, Full Force, and Knucklehead Zoo. In Battle Monkeys there are: Ressell "IQ" Kitani Julius "Primate" Best Furman "Phenom" Newby David "Boost" Yu Chris "Rocsik" Enriquez Jeremy "J-remy" Tan Andrew "Drew Nasty" Vu Akela "Kelroc Jalen "Jstyles" Testerman. Jstyles is the newest and one of the youngest crew members. In Full Force there is: Wesley "Weskravin" Gatbonton Rock Gallego Daniel "Dani" Liechty Chris "Christyles" Gatudla Christian "Sancho" Gramatter. In Knucklehead Zoo there are: Steve Corral Justin "Yust" Benuaventura Leonard Ho. Knucklehead Zoo is currently auditioning for Americas Best Dance Crew Season 5. Super Cr3w became Americas’s Best Dance Cr3w season 2 champions on the August 21 finale. Super Cr3w was introduced to audiences through a series of questions by judges JC Chasez, Shane Sparks and Lil Mama. JC Chasez asked to hear more about the "very accomplished B-boys" in the crew, to which Do-Knock replied about having "some nasty cats" on his squad, stating members' individual accomplishments such as Ronnie's 2007 Red Bull BC One championship, Murda and Ben's two-time Battle of the Year wins, and his own Star Search three-time win. Shane aske since that they are primarly breakers how are they going to deal with the different styles of dance the show is going to throw at them, with Mike responding that they are primarly b-boy and are aware of the different challenges even though their not completely new to the "choroegraphy game" and were looking forward to it, and also repsonding with "because if you can tell any dancer to pick up the b-boy style that we do, in one week, they couldn't do it". Lil Mama asked Ben how he is going to pass on the Battle Of The Year 10 years from now, with him telling her that it his son "Lil B". Super Cr3w wowed the judges with their b-boy preformence. JC stated that they opened up a door and let everybody see what their culture is about, with Shane saying that opened up a door and think that this is the only show that they can do what they do. Each crew performed to songs of their own choosing. Super CR3W selected the song "Get Up Offa That Thing" by James Brown and performed in Ninja costumes. Accordingly, their dance moves were Ninja-influenced. Super CR3W was in the bottom 5, but after their performance to "Get Up Offa That Thing", Super CR3W's fanbase quickly grew and Super CR3W became one of the top contenders. Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas was seen during this episode holding up the Super CR3W hand sign right after their performance. JC stated that just by their look that they were wildey entertaining from beginning to end. Shane said(that he might get in trouble for saying this) that they sh*** on everyone. Each crew was given a different video with a dance sequence in it, which they had to perform while keeping their own style as a crew. Super CR3W was given the music video for "Run It!" by Chris Brown. They used the element of krumping from the video and mixed it in with B-boy moves such as the deuce deuce. JC Chasez said afterward that he saw more tricks than dancing and would like to see actual dance moves incorporated into their next performance, to which Shane Sparks countered to by saying break dancing and tricks is dancing. Each crew was given a song whose title was used as inspiration for their dance. Super CR3W received the song "We Fly High" by Jim Jones.

As part of the challenge, they dressed in Clark uniforms and performed "flying" moves such as Ben's air flare, Do-Knock being thrown 2 stories up into the air, and the crew's airplane transformation.

The judges, especially Shane Sparks, were ecstatic with Super CR3W's performance, complimenting the crew's ability to complete the challenge they were given. Chris Gatdula, member of The Jabbawockeez, Super CR3W from season 1 of America's Best Dance Crew were seen wearing Super CR3W's t-shirts and cheering for them. Crews must transition from a slow song to a faster one while still remaining on beat. With every crew also having to come up with a transition to perform in the fast tempo.


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