chemdawg #4

You need almost all your hearts you get at the beginning of round 1. For the first 50 seconds Sandman wants to hit you with the same sort of punch. Dodge (dodge in that strategy always means to dodge left!) these punches and counter attack him once in the face for each punch. (Sandman punches - dodge - hit Sandman in the face once).

Repeat this routine for the first 50 seconds untill he changes to uppercut punches. It is important in the first 50 seconds that you always wait for Sandman to punch. Never try to hit him twice or something like that because you need all your hearts. Also never led Sandman hit you because of the loss of hearts and time. It is difficult always to wait for Sandmans punch and to dodge right in time but it is possible of course. After the first 50 seconds Sandman changes to uppercut punches. As you might not exactly know which is the last punch of the first 50 sec. punches you should dodge that first uppercut punch also and then counter attack that first uppercut punch by hitting his face once (I prefer little Mac´s left hand because it is stronger, so please use also only the left glove for all punches described in this strategy - including the first 50 seconds!!) followed by three left body punches (this is the standard move to beat Mr. Now the strategy to T.K.O Sandman in the first round: DO NOT STOP after these three body punches but give him a fourth one in the body. But this is what you want because now you can hit him in the face once.

Do not wait between the fourth body punch (blocked) and the smash in Sandmans face. Sandman tries to hit you after he blocks your fourth body punch but you can (that means must!) be quicker than him and hit him in the face once (seems to work only on the PAL-NES not on NTSC-NES). After this face punch you must hit him again in the body. Again he will block the body punch but again you must be quick to hit him in the face before he hits you. Continue the routine body punch (blocked) - face punch untill Mr. When he gets up give him immediately a body punch (keep in mind that I always think of left hand punches!!) that he will block followed by the face punch. This routine will work for three times after the first knock down. Then Sandman prepares for his special Sandman punch. So do not try to continue the routine after the three times. Instead just wait and dodge his special punch series (dodge left for three times right in time, but this you should know). After the last of his three super punches punch Sandman in the face once and then always left in the body. Give him as lots of body punches as he takes and even one more. (that last one he will block) and immediately continue with the face punch. Continue now the routine body punch (blocked) - face punch untill he gets down the second time. When he gets up for the last time immediately give him a body punch (blocked) followed by the quick face punch. This routine must be continued till Sandman gets down for the last and final time. To be successfull it is a must that you never get hit by Sandman because otherwise you ran out of hearts and you have to dodge some uppercuts untill you regain some hearts but then you get in time trouble. The routine is very easy but you always after the blocked body punch must be quick with your face punch because Sandman also tries to hit you. Especially when you got hit by Sandman ( then it is almost impossible to TKO him in the first round - sad but true!) there is a usefull trick to speed up the game: After the first 50 seconds Sandman uses the uppercuts. Sandman will dodge but immediately punch his uppercut. Dodge that uppercut and give him one face and three body punches. After that you can again try to hit his face and the same routine starts again. This will cost you some hearts but you always know exactley when Sandman will punch and you do not have to wait for him to punch. Also this is a secure way to find out when Sandman prepares for his special Sandman punch series (Then he does not dodge your face punch try but he will block it. Then wait for his series of punches and continue as normal).

The routine above (body punch blocked - face punch) is in the second and third round also a good method to get some stars from Mr. That`s the important part!!) Of cause I know that it is not that easy to do all that work without beeing hit. The most critical time are the first 50 seconds because here you have to wait for Mr.

Unfortunately this waiting and dodging is pretty tricky because the times between the punches from Sandman vary in this section. Stay cool and wait for his punch to dodge and counter attack. Sandman with some passwords, use a password for Super Macho Man, get knocked down and you will be ranked down to Don Flamenco 2. This is a deprecated class syllabus, intended as historical record for the teaching department. Creating syllabi is no longer our process for new classes, and no classes in the syllabus library are considered current.


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