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It’s not exact – There’s a 2-3 week harvest window for most plants, and keeping your plants in the flowering stage for a bit longer tends to increase your yields. This is because the plants tend to really bulk up their flowers once they’ve become ‘ripe’. So often times, even though you could harvest at the shortest recommended time, waiting an extra week or two will give you an extra 10-30% more yield compared to harvesting as early as possible. Utopia Haze is a mix of Brazilian landrace strains. Post-Harvest (before you smoke you should do this stuff too) Total post-harvest time needed: 2.5 weeks – 1.5+ months.

Drying : 4 – 10 days Good marijuana buds can be dried in as little as 4 days, but ideally, drying should be a slow process taking up to a week or more. Making sure your plants have been thoroughly dried (but not over-dried) will lower chances of mold during the curing process. Curing: 2 weeks – 1+ months Curing really seems to make the effects of buds feel less ‘speedy’ and be better suited to medical applications like treating anxiety, reducing pain, and improving feelings of depression. Additionally, curing gets rid of any ‘cut grass’ smell, harsh taste and other undesirable traits of some freshly dried buds. Over time with proper curing, those traits will be replaced by the ‘real’ smell and potency profile of your buds. Two weeks is considered the minimum time to cure your buds, but I personally cure all my buds for a month or even a bit longer because the buds continue to improve for several more weeks. So, after you’ve bought seeds and equipment, grown a plant from seed to harvest, trimmed, dried and cured your buds, that brings us back to the original answer… Total Time to Grow (and Be Ready to Use) Your Own Weed: 8 weeks – 5+ Months. Average Time to Grow (and Be Ready to Use) Your Own Weed: 3 – 5 months.

If you haven’t started growing your own weed yet, today is the day! New Grower Shopping Lists – What You Need to Get Started. How to Grow a Pound of Cannabis – Step-by-Step Instructions from Seed to Harvest. 7 Tips for Growing Top-Shelf Buds – How to Grow Better Cannabis than the Dispensary! What is the best age to start cloning from a mother plant?? I've read to wait until at least 2 months, so if you've heard/read/or experienced anything differently , then please respond. otherwise, please don't tell me to wait 2 months to clone. i have a better idea for a good way to get a mother you can take tons of clones off, you just need to put your first mother into 12/12, wait till about 3 weeks in or so and take a few clones. Root these and revert them to veg and youll have an incredibley useful mother. I didnt write it and take no credit whatsoever, plus youll get to flower it so you'll have some bud in 2 1/2-4 months - What is a Flowering Clone? This question arises just about everytime I mention the wonderful advantages of the Flowering clone. So, to answer a few questions that get asked frequently. A long while back a man named feral introduced us to a new way of taking clones that has taken away the need to top plants or try the fimming technique. They also will blow you away with how fast they develop branches. Simply put, it is a clone taken at or around 21 days flowering or later. Day 21 seems to be the best time but clones can be taken at any point thereafter and you will get the same effect. I dont have facts for you but I do have experience with these litte giants. I just want to share something that may increase a yeild for someone out there. Keeping the numbers of plants down is a good idea for alot of growers out there. It cant be stressed enough that you follow the guidelines. You guys are the bright future for mj reform in many countries. I can only envy you at the moment but one of these days I hope to be able to grow without so much fear.

I knew I shouldnt have eaten those cookies before starting to write today. I have taken clones just prior to harvest and had no problem rooting them.

There are many myths out there concerning a flowering clones ability to root. The truth is, a flowering clone is a fully mature plant. It is ready and willing to root quickly to continue its flowering process. The cambium layer is mature at this point making the formation of roots easier. The cambium layer is a celluar layer just below the bark from where the roots come from.


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