cheese candy strain

Topping, supercropping or any other method will just have you pruning nutes away later. More mature flowering stretches much less - 15-25% Sufficient silica avoids need for support through to finish, but always in week three/four of flower it becomes susceptible to pythium in hydro with hormone shift(?). Sativa appears in main fans as well as cola out shoots, buds show Sativa form in my phenotype. Buds start quickly but sparse and grow together evenly throughout flower.

Seeding tends to overgrow rather than push to bud tops. Plant pictured yielded 65g dry and 150 seeds after recovering from pythium in week three. Bright Fruity and pine aroma with musk coming on to indicate maturity. Outdoors stretch is more limited and stays short in northern climates, but height to width remains equal. Drops fans as indicator outdoors but less so inside with the same flush. Will hint purple in upper calyx in cooler end flower weather, not at all indoors. Buds do harden in last two weeks but have already reached end size. Moms can be parked with low Nitrogen feedings and 6.5k light and clones jump at the chance when clipped. Shows flower within a week from 24/7 veg (with hard nutrient switch - can take 2.5 weeks with transitioning) and clones root easily in ten days.

I have had best luck topping at 4 weeksveg to slow main growth and allow outer branching to match height while Low Stress Training of the main two stemsat six weeks to flatten canopy a week before flowering for a concave canopy (1 large plant/light) which fills in with stretch for flat canopy indoor growing without a screen. Hard underpruning after week 1 flower makes yield easiest for trim. Colas show Sativa traits over Indica as fan leaves do. Smoke starts with an immediate head high and fades away to body quickly. Subsequent smoking is mediated by cbds and allows further consumption without morehead high to titrate for pain, spasm, inflammation. Consumed it simply makes one forget they were in pain for hours via liver conversion channels. Raw veg leaves juiced with citrus and a source of fat is as effective as mature bud as use for pruned matter, which is unavoidable and may match volume of final canopy by the time this bush is flowered- or could be maintained vegetative if juicing was sole consumption method. The nicely balanced hybrid cannabis strain CBD Kush produces harvest-ready buds that are dense and shaped like foxtails, being bright green with amber pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. Its scent and taste are light, being of earth and wildflowers, having undertones of nuts. THC levels average between 1-8%, however, CBD levels reach 7%. Because of this, CBD Kush is best used as a medicine instead of recreationally, with reviewers noting its ability to relieve pain andinflammation. Upon consumption, muscles will relax and stress will dissipate without causing couch-lockor sedation. Mental clarity improves, making this strain a great choice for use throughout the day. Beyond cottonmouth and dry eyes, negative side-effects are rare, though note that many strains cancause paranoia or anxiety when consumed in higher doses. It takes nine weeks for CBD Kush to fully flower for reaping. Cannabinoid Lab Data Cannabinoid Amount THC: 1-8% CBD: 7% History. Parent strains of CBD Kush are a cross between an unknown high-CBD strain and the hybrid Kandy Kush. Frost covered lime greenish buds packed heavy with red hairs giving the appearance of being on fire. Fire OG has frost covered, lime greenish buds packed heavy with red hairs giving the appearance of being on fire, hence the name Fire OG. The Fire OG is a spectacular OG strain, it grows long and fast and the branches are thin and fragile so trellis early and often to keep branches from breaking and she will just keep packing on weight… and then there’s the smell… unbelievable pungent lemon candy smell… She’s also picky about getting good clean water. I had a lot of trouble with this strain and hard water but since going to RO its been awesome. Your access to this site has been limited by the site owner. (HTTP response code 503) If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance.

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