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According to Reeferman (in one of the threads below) he only germed 10 or so seeds so this line was undoubtedly bottlenecked a bit. Also known to hold it (though unknown if it is the same Danbo/Reeferman line) are the breeders hothouseflowers (hhf) and the Breeders Choice Organization (not the Sannies Breeders Choice, the Breeders Choice from Cannabis Eye) and perhaps the breeder British Hempire and the breeder Bodhi. Bodhi’s story is below, and I suppose the question will be is Bodhi’s line the real deal, a related line, or perhaps as some suggest a Durban-Afghan cross of some kind, unrelated to Big Sur Holy Weed though attractive on its own merits. It is not clear that Reeferman is still in business, or whether or not he still has the mamas and papas or any remaining seed stock.

Remaining Reeferman seeds are disappearing from the seed banks that carry his gear. Breeders Choice listed Big Sure Holy Weed and a BSHW x Haze cross on their site a couple of years ago, and they might still have some stock but it is not on their site. The Bodhi version is still listed at the Attitude under limited releases but it has been sold out for months. So Big Sur Holy Weed is very hard to find at the moment. I do think that there are several breeders working to preserve the strain though so perhaps in 2012 we will see new presentations of it. Short of that I guess you could buy some SAGE and breed some F2s, F3s and F4s and look for some purple sativa phenos. You will never get the original strain back but you might find something similar. Or maybe you could mount a strain hunter expedition to the high mountain valleys of Zacatecas, where this strain might still exist (but maybe doesn’t due to paraquat.) Even better, you could mount an expedition to the hills of Santa Cruz and Big Sur California where the strain might still exist. Also possible that you might find a clone even if you can’t find seeds.

As long as you are there you might as well score some Blue Dream seeds too, another legend from the Santa Cruz area. A discussion on Grass City: The center of the marijuana-growing industry in the United States is in northern California, especially Humboldt County, where growers use the latest scientific methods to produce first-quality crops. California marijuana is not only as good as most foreign varieties but far more likely to reach American consumers in a relatively fresh state, at or near peak potency. Among the best California varieties is one known as Big Sur Holy Weed, which was originally grown from seeds of Zacatecas Purple, a rare Mexican strain.[13] 13. California marijuana: William Carlson, “Marijuana Crops Revived California Town,” New York Times, 1l March 1979. See also John Dowdy, “Spice Valley, U.S.A.: Marijuana Moonshiners,” Atlantic Monthly, January 1979, pp.6-24. A discussion with pix on THC Farmer: 2011 discussion on THC Farmer: Another version of the monk named Perry story and another connection to Gorda: A thread about Bodhi Seeds version with pix: Gorilla Glue buys Sharonville property for new HQ. is moving its headquarters from Madisonville to the Gateway 75 property in Sharonville as part of an expansion. (Photo: Provided/Gorilla Glue Co.) The Gorilla Glue Co. bought a Sharonville industrial building Monday and plans to move its headquarters there as part of a major expansion. Madisonville-based Gorilla Glue is moving to the 1.1-million-square-foot Gateway 75 building at 2101 E. The company paid $22.35 million to buy the property from Evanston-based real estate developer, investor and manager Neyer Properties. As part of the purchase, Gorilla Glue will install new machinery and equipment and make improvements to the site. Founded in 1983, Gorilla Glue manufactures adhesive products for do-it-yourself project workers, woodworkers and professionals. The company has sold its core Gorilla Glue product, hardware and tools for many years and it has since expanded its offerings to include Gorilla Tape, Gorilla Super Glue, Gorilla Wood Glue and Gorilla Epoxy. In January, Gorilla Glue obtained a 55 percent, seven-year income tax credit from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority based on its job creation plans. As part of its move to Sharonville, Gorilla Glue told the state it would create 110 full-time jobs, carrying an average salary of $45,455, and retain $11.5 million in annual payroll. Gorilla Glue pledged to maintain its operations for at least 10 years. Gorilla Glue also told the state other companies could move to Ohio because of its presence in the state. Gorilla Glue also worked with Neyer Properties on the design and construction of its 4540 Red Bank Road facility. Neyer Properties' Acquisition Fund I bought Gateway 75 in June 2010 and the building was one of the company's first acquisitions in a recent buying spree. After buying the property, the company updated the building facade, added 18 loading docks to allow for cross docking, built a new truck access road and installed new monument signage among other improvements. Gorilla Glue would join Macy's, which occupies about 100,000 square feet of space, and West Chester Protective Gear, which occupies about 258,000 square feet of space, at the building. Dan Neyer, president and chief executive of Neyer Properties, said Gateway 75 had not been marketed for sale but the Gorilla Glue deal provided a favorable return.

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