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GROWING MARIJUANA IN CALIFORNIA - THE NEW RULES 2018. The branches are owned up past the trellis net, now I want to train this grow, so I’m going to grab each one of these branches and push them underneath the net. I was also planning on watering, but the plant is so bushy I can’t even get to the soil, so I’m going to trim this grow up.

The leaves at the bottom of the plant they’re no use anyway and they tend to eventually die off if they don’t receive enough light, so today I watered with a compost tea I made and I used Extreme Gardens Extreme Tea as a base, I added farmer's pride grow for a nitrogen boost, liquid seaweed, molasses the pH was naturally 7.0, so I left it at that. The plants are doing great, the training is going great there’s still a lot undergrowth, but I’m going to use a lot of branches for cloning. The plant has grown pretty far up past the trellis, so today I’m going to add a second trellis the square hole on the first trellis is 6 inches the second trellis is going to be 3 ½ inches. So today I’m going to take some clones and I’m going to switch to scroll over the flower. So these lower branches are not going to make it to the top of the plant and they’re just wasting the plant's energy. I’m going to be using a pair of titanium coated shears and I got a quarter of RO water to put my clones once I snip them off the plant. I took a total of 16 clones, 12 in the cloner and 4 in Rockville.

Alright, so I took my clones now I’m going to switch out the light over to lowering spectrum and I’m going to switch my life cycle to 12:12. Flowering - we’re already starting to see buds forming. Today I mixed up a batch of compost tea using Extreme Gardens - Extreme Tea as the base I’m also adding liquid seaweed, farmers pride grow and I’m adding molasses into the mix, the pH is naturally 6.97. I didn’t adjust it I gave it to the plants that way. So the next 3 weeks is going to be a stretching period and if you’ve never grown before you should expect to see your plants double or triple in size during this time. So I’m just going to continue to train them underneath the trellis until I see the flowers start to fatten up a little bit which is usually the middle of week 2 or week 3, so I took some clones about 7 days ago and threw them in a turbo klone . I’ve been keeping the root zone around 72, 73 degrees the pH around 5.8, so today I noticed that some of the cuttings already have roots. The flowers are developing nicely, so today I’m going to trim up my plant, but people call this lollipop and they usually do it in veg state, I’ve always done it in flower and I’ve never had a problem. Flower it’s really amazing how fast these plants grow . I’m running the Duloc at half power right now, my temperature is around 75, humidity around 49 and flowers are developing quickly. I got the Duloc on full blast mode and the flowers are loving it. We got hit with a crazy storm in Southern California and the humidity has been off the charts, so I ended up getting a humidifier both temp and humidity have been holding steady since, only downside is my soil is drying a lot quicker now. the plants have pretty much stopped growing laterally and they’re going to put all their energy into creating trichomes and fattening up from this point on. My carbon filter has not been connected this whole time, but the plants are really starting to smell now, so today I’m going to hook this up. The soil is a little dry today, so I’m going to water using liquid seaweed and molasses mixed into a gallon of water and pH to 6.8. the plants is starting to thicken up a little bit, the trichome production is also coming along. The soil is a little dry, so we’re going to have to water today, but before we do that I’m going to add some store bought compost and also 2 tablespoons of flower girl, . now I’m just going to massage it and work it into the topsoil. I’m going to get this all nice and damp by adding liquid seaweed, molasses in RO water and pH down to 6.8. I made a batch of compost tea about 2 days ago this stuff is loaded with good bacteria ready to eat up all that good organic matter I just put in I’m going to add 3 quarts of this good. Flowering for the pistil have already started to turn colors, but she still has a lot of growing to do the soil is a little dry, so I’m going to water using liquid seaweed, molasses in RO water pH to 6.8. At this point the plants just packing on trichomes and we’re just waiting for her to get done. I’m also growing lemon OG in this room, so if you want to check that out you can click right there. I really just concentrating on keeping my temperature and humidity in the right range. The highest temperature I’ve had in the tent is about 78 degrees and the lowest nighttime temperature is about 65. The Dulux doesn’t put out that much heat, so I haven’t had to use my air conditioner at all for this grow.

RO or reverse osmosis water is a fancy way to say filtered water. The soil is drying up a lot quicker now, so I’m going to water her today, plain RO water.

I’m not going to mix anything in, I’m not going to pH it and I’m going to let about 20% run out the bottom. The soil is dry again, I’m going to water using plain RO water. I’m not going to pH, I’m not going to add anything to it, I’m going to let 29% of that water run out the bottom of the pot. Some of the leaves are starting to fade, so we're getting close. The buds are looking really frosty the soil is dry again, so I’m going to water using RO water plain, I’m going to let 20% run out the bottom again.


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