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Sunset Sherbet weed is a bit more ‘underground’ in terms of popularity than its famous parent, but we’d say its taste and effects are equally as good. In addition to being related to Girl Scout Cookies, it is said that Sunset Sherbet’s other parent is a scandalously named strain known as Pink Panties. It is classified as a cannabis indica and said to be a relative of the fruity and delicious Blackberry Kush.

However, little info is truly understood about Pink Panties. If you can keep the genetic makeup of the Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain in mind, it won’t be difficult to believe and comprehend the information further presented within this review. Sunset Sherbet and its parents are almost oddly too similar. Most Sunset Sherbet weed strains have a THC content between 18-23%, making it suitable for individuals that desire a potent and strong high that may last for hours. If you aren’t turned off by excessive amounts of THC, this dream-like rainbow energy marijuana will have your head in the clouds. Your smile will be wide and your heart full – in a good way. The aroma and flavor of Sunset Sherbet is probably partially what has caused this cannabis to grow so much in popularity over the past decade or so.

When you first crack open that jar to take a whiff of these buds, whether at home or at the dispensary, your senses will be completely engulfed in an absolutely delectable reality that this strain is damn tasty. The strain features notes of earthy sweetness that some claim reminds them of a natural version of bubblegum. Others say it is reminiscent of fruits or berries, topped off with hints of grounding forest tree-like notes. Sunset Sherbet’s flavor similarly matches the aroma of fresh berry, citrus, and exotic fruit – sweet on the tongue with almost no bitter undertone. The appearance of Sunset Sherbert marijuana is that of a classic cannabis bud, albeit with a few more sunset-like colors thrown in (oh so fitting for the name). The sugar leaves on SS nugs range from yellow to neon green to a rusty brown shade. These are blended thoroughly with bright orange sun looking pistils. Also, you’ll find that most nuggets are coated thickly with crystalline trichomes that cause this marijuana to literally glow and glisten when it is placed under light. The cannabis plant itself is typical of an indica . It is medium in height with thick and bushy stems that are densely packed full of thick herb and potent flowers. If you are thinking about growing your own Sunset Sherbet, keep reading to learn about what it takes to successfully cultivate this lovely crop… Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Grow Info. If you are looking for a simple indica to grow, Sunset Sherbet might be the one for you. Naturally resistant to most common molds and mildews , the overall maintenance of this cannabis strain is rather low. You could end up with some top-notch product even with little actual cannabis cultivation experience. And for experienced growers, Sunset Sherbet could be useful as a mindless side project to add some variety to your personal stash. The primary element that Sunset Sherbet absolutely requires is (surprise, surprise) appropriate growing conditions. These plants must be kept in a protected (shaded) but still warm and Mediterranean style climate. This is simple to control indoors if you aren’t fortunate enough to already reside in this type of weather. Indoors, the monitoring of humidity levels is important. However, if things do get a little clammy, Sunset Sherbet’s ability to resist mold and mildew will protect its flower for a while whilst the problem is being straightened out. Probably the most ideal indoor growing method to use for the Sunset Sherbet strain would be soil growth. Hydroponics may prove more difficult with keeping humidity levels down. The flowering period for this strain is around 8 weeks, with outdoor harvest falling during late September to early October. Really the only downside to growing Sunset Sherbet weed is the fact that its yield tends to be on the low to average side.

You can expect around 8 oz of bud per meter squared indoors, and about 11 oz per plant outdoors. If you don’t mind the low yield because the cannabis strain itself is so low maintenance, then growing Sunset Sherbet may be an ideal option. Although it possesses such a heavy ratio of indica in its genetics, Sunset Sherbet’s high can be surprisingly sativa-like. It has psychoactive effects galore that will promote creativity, motivation, inspiration, imagination, and progress. The strain will not usually cause drowsiness or encourage sedation (as many indica tend to do).

Rather, it will tend to relax and de-stress , melting the body and sending the mind high into the clouds. At the same time, you can look forward to having an overall sense of groundedness in the body. You’ll maybe even start to develop a sensation of feeling the actual weight and placement of your limbs. Sunset Sherbet weed combines the body-relaxing effects of a traditional indica with the energetic, uplifting effects of a mild sativa. This is an essential strain for small social gatherings with close pals.


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