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Top 5 Best Trim Trays For Weed Full Reviews

Most people think that trimming cannabis is a piece of cake, and anyone can do it. In fact, people believe that all one needs is a pair of scissors, a trim tray, and a chair to sit on when it comes to trimming cannabis.

However, this task is not as easy as it may seem to be. Ask any expert, and you will be shocked to know that this is a very tiring and time taking task. After a while, the arms and back tend to ache, and the quality of the trim starts deteriorating. People who have to trim cannabis regularly are often found complaining about fatigue.

Trimming cannabis requires sheers. However, you will also need a platform to put cannabis, such as a tray. A tray makes the trimming process enjoyable and comfortable. With a trimming tray in your arsenal, you can trim cannabis and separate the pollen if desired.

Typically, a cannabis trimming tray has multiple layers for various purposes. For instance, one layer might help trim the cannabis, while the other is for collecting the pollen. The tray can be placed on a countertop or any place of your choosing. Whatever floats your boat!

Having a useful trim tray is the only solution to ensuring an excellent trim for the cannabis plant. And, at the same time, it reduces the strain on the body when trimming the plant.

Moreover, it also decreases the waste of buds and makes the trimming convenient. The trim tray serves as a platform that is used for trimming the plant. If you have a small stash of cannabis plants, a trimming tray will do. However, in case you have a lot cannabis plants, a trimming machine is your best choice.

In the market for a trim tray for your weed? We have reviewed the top 5 best trim trays for cannabis in 2020 along with pros and cons for each.