cannabis strains for fibromyalgia

They did and were blown away by the profusion of flowers. I see seeds on your plants, so part of the problem could be your plants have done their job and they are dying quietly. The fish fertilizer might help, definitely the compost will help. All that energy goes back into the plant to use to make itself bigger, stronger and more likely to produce lots of potential seeds. Enjoying your cannabis on the go has never been easier… For those of us that love marijuana, we all know some of the common dilemmas about smoking.

This factor is part of what gives weed its delectable charm, but unfortunately, until the world calms down and drops its stigmas about Mary Jane, the smell is usually unwelcome. Next, it takes time to pack a bowl, light it up and ash it; humans are a busy bunch and normally do not have enough extra time while working or doing chores to have some cannabis. Finally, not everyone can tolerate the smoke from burning marijuana; some studies show it has a reversible effect on the overall health of the lungs, so the marijuana itself is healing, but smoking anything usually is not. What if we told you that one device in particular could be the solution to all of these concerns, and only enhance your cannabis consuming experience? A discrete device that allows you to “smoke” bud just about anywhere, as long as you have this little electronic on-hand and ready to use. Frustrated with your coworkers or job and slowly losing your already thin patience? Take a hit of the pen in the back room or bathroom. Having difficulties dealing with your children or other family members/friends?

Take a hit of the pen and watch yourself quickly become calmer. Enjoying a hike, beach day, another moment in nature or some event? Take a hit of the pen and notice how the world around you becomes that much more serene and beautiful. Want to enhance your experience of enjoying some food or a drink? Take a hit of the pen and melt into the complexity of the delicious flavors that your taste buds are being impacted with. The list goes on and on for where and when this device can be utilized to improve overall life quality by adding a little medicine into your life and working its magic. Keep reading to discover how you can “smoke” bud anywhere, with our list of the most discreet weed pens EVER… What Even is a Cannabis Weed Pen?: Maybe the more official name would be a marijuana vaporizer , but this battery powered option is essentially an alternative way of consuming cannabis that is not smoking, yet remains similar to smoking. There are three types of cannabis vapes that are typically found on the market, including dry herb vapes, wax vapes and concentrate cartridge vapes. Producers of these handy devices usually state in their product descriptions which vapes are compatible with what forms. Dry herb vapes are suitable for those who want to cut back on smoking for health reasons, but they are not actually very discreet. They still have to be packed with herb and cleaned afterwards, like a pipe or a bong, and although the smell is not as pungent, it still is existent. Wax vaporizers function similarly to how a dab rig would work, containing high amounts of THC, but let’s face it- if you are looking to snap a few dabs, you may as well just use a dab rig. The third option, which is the concentrate cartridge selection, is going to be the primary focus of this article. What are Concentrate Cartridge Vaporizers?: A concentrate cartridge vape is pretty much exactly what its name implies. This nifty and secretive way to consume marijuana consists of 2 parts: the base of the vaporizer, which is the battery pack (it really resembles a pen and is typically small and lightweight), and the cartridge itself, which is packed full of a marijuana-based liquid that is manufactured using specialized production techniques. In order to take a hit, all that you need to do is connect the cartridge to the battery pack, place your mouth over the piece and inhale. It is actually this simple, and best of all there is almost NO SMELL at all. Likewise, this method does not produce heavy vapor, so practically no one will even be able to tell that you are enjoying yourself some fresh green, unless of course they know what to look for. Once the cartridge is empty, you just toss it out and connect a new one. Cartridges and pens do sometimes arrive in different measurements, but many companies use the universal size, which is called a 510 thread. Be sure to check the descriptions from your manufacturer before commiting to the purchase of a cartridge. These concentrate-packed selections are produced after dried flower is processed down into a gooey and sticky substance using specialized techniques.

It typically contains somewhere around 60% THC, so a little goes a very long way.

Sometimes, taking a few hits off a cartridge is comparable to a “weak” dab, (although no properly made dab is actually weak).


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