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The best place to get free weed is off of someone who just finished a grow room and has a whole bunch of trimmed leaves and stalk lying around. Any pharmacy should have Isopropyl Alcohol 99% on the shelf. When using 4 ounces of weed as mentioned above you will need 2-litres of Isopropyl Alcohol 99%. Three jugs you cut the top off so you turn them into a pail.

The other one you cut the bottom off so you can use it as a big funnel. Sterilise each one with hot water and clean thoroughly. Cut the tops off so you can use them like a funnel to pour into the bottom part of the bottle. Again, just use very hot water to clean with and NO soap or cleansers. You will be using the top of the cut up coke bottle and the filters together. Refrigerator freezer or an IceBox to freeze all the ingredients. Clear plastic tubing to fit the lid on a pressure cooker.

Determine the size you need by reading the next item below. Pressure cookers have one or two holes in the lid, usually two. Take off the top fittings from the holes in the lid and insert three feet of clear plastic tubing in each hole. Pay attention to what size tubing you need for your lid. Please ensure when inserting the tubing into the top of the lid that it is secured airtight somehow. This is really the only pain in the butt part of it all. There are fittings you can get from the hardware stores or plumbing stores to help you. The alcohol will be going through the tubing while under a vacuum pressure. If you are not too handy at this, seek a friends help. The open ends of the tubing will run into a collection pail so you can reuse your Isopropyl Alcohol over and over. The main purpose of a pressure cooker is to recycle your Isopropyl Alcohol and control dangerous fumes. You can just have the Isopropyl Alcohol evaporate away so you don't have to use tubing but this isn't recommended, it's highly flammable. Electric Frying Pan that the pressure cooker will sit in. Water to put into the electric frying pan to slowly heat the pressure cooker. Small Pane of glass for drying out a finished product. Preparation For Extracting Hash Honey Oil From Marijuana. Place the dry weed and jug of Isopropyl Alcohol 99% into the freezer. Check out all your plastic jugs for debris, hair, etc. Take weed and alcohol out of the freezer after a good hour or two of freezing. The colder they get, the better the reactions will be. Rinse the weed with the frozen Isopropyl Alcohol 99%.

Simply pour the alcohol over the weed quickly and collect the alcohol/THC liquid mixture you will be left with. The alcohol/THC liquid mixture should look golden brown or yellowish in color. Again the weed and alcohol that was just used should end up in two seperate containers. DO NOT let the Isopropyl Alcohol 99% soak in the weed. You just want to do quick rinses while the alcohol and weed are still very cold. Otherwise you loose the nice golden yellowish clear color and the oil turns green from chlorophyll. Place a doubled up coffee filter in the funnel you made from the coke bottle. Now filter the rinsed out alcohol/THC liquid mixture by pouring it through the double coffee filter funnel and into the coke bottle. Throw away the double filter and use a single filter for a second pour or filtering.

Fire can go right down the drain and become very serious.


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