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Step 2: Choose whether you want Photoperiod or Auto-flowering seeds. Step 3: Choose desired smell, taste, color, potency, effects, growth patterns, etc. Using the options on the left side will allow you to select a variety of characteristics to narrow down list of strains. Step 4: Start looking at the descriptions of different strains, and write down any one that appeals to you. Note: Don’t pay attention to just THC or CBD levels.

Although these are important, there are lots of other factors that will change how the buds affect you, too. I recommend narrowing down to a list of just 5 strains or less before moving on to the next step. Seeing different grows featuring a strain will help give you an idea of what the buds of that particular strain tend to look like. Search for a grow journal with pictures of your strain during the grow process – Type "STRAINNAME grow" into and look at the regular results plus the Google image results. When looking at image results, it's important to click through to the page instead of just looking at the image so you can learn more. These steps may give you good leads toward finding a grow journal featuring your strain, but not always. Remember to also pay attention to which breeder the grower got their strain from. Here's an example of a grow journal with pictures and grower notes: Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Journal – 1.2 lb Harvest! Search for the strain name in Youtube – you may possibly find people who may have grown the strain and documented their grow with video.

Video is a great way to give you an idea of your strain might look like in the flowering stage, and lots of growers post full video grow journals on Youtube. I like the site for strain research. It is one of the best ways to find out the genealogy and ancestry of a strain by a particular breeder. It has growing reviews and pictures for some strains which is really helpful, but that can be hit or miss since many strains are missing any type of grower feedback. Some of the reviews are in German or other languages. You can translate almost any language into English by copying and pasting it here: Leafly. If you search for your strain at you can often find reports of people's experience with that strain, and sometimes you'll get grower feedback there as well. Some things to look out for when researching strains. In addition to buds and effects, I encourage you to consider the general hardiness of a strain. You’re more likely to be surprised at how the plant grows, how it reacts to its environment, and how buds form. New strains often don’t match the pictures you see in the strain pics listed next to them. More established strains that have been around for a few years are much more likely to give you exactly what has been advertised. For example Nirvana strains tend to be very stable, and (at least for me) each plant grows just as claimed. Don’t listen to claims by people who are not trusted breeders. If it’s a brand new breeder that no one has heard of before, it’s possibly they may be lying to sell seeds. Here’s a list of trusted breeders that I recommend (though there’s lots of others out there, too, but these are the ones that have personally treated me well). New strains are not necessarily better or stronger than more established strains. Some strains that have been around for a while consistently beat newer strains. Now that you’ve learned about several different strains, I hope that one (or more) of them are sticking out as potential strain candidates! The hardest part of strain research is taking that last leap and getting the strain. It’s going to be with you for your whole grow, and you want to make sure you’re happy with it.

But I’ll tell you a secret, as long as you buy a strain that sparks your interest (from a trusted breeder), than you’re going to love it.

If you like your strain, you’ll take better care of your plants, and they will reward you! You've done the hard work of researching your strain. The best part is yet to come – growing your new strains! One last thing to keep in mind… Looks are important to many growers, and looks are part of the whole experience when using cannabis.


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