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Plants require this nutrient in order to achieve normal growth and to reach maturity. Phosphorus contributes to the DNA of the plant, as well as the RNA, which reads the genetic code in order to build proteins and other structures. Phosphorus is also vital in the creation of ATP, the unit of energy that plants use during photosynthesis.

Phosphorus helps to stimulate root development, increase the strength of stems, improve flower formation and seed production, improve the quality of crops, boost resistance against diseases and support development throughout the overall growth cycle. It is obvious that phosphorus deficiency could do some damage to the health of your plants and their potential yields. There are quite a few different symptoms to look out for that could signal phosphorus deficiency within your crop. First of all, the deficiency will usually start to affect the older leaves that are lower down on plants. These leaves may begin to exhibit a shiny appearance and turn to darker shades of green, blue and grey. Along with this change in colour, leaves will also start to develop purple and brown spots. Leaves will also become very dry and begin to thicken. The stems of the plant may also begin to turn bright red or purple.

One cause of a phosphorus deficiency is the pH of the roots. A root pH between 6.2 and 7 is best in order to maximise absorption of the nutrient. Therefore, it is ideal to strive for a soil pH between this range when deficiency symptoms manifest. This can be achieved by using pH up and down products. An organic fertiliser containing adequate amounts of each vital nutrient can also be used to ensure that your plants are receiving the proper levels of phosphorus that they require. Additionally, other sources of phosphorus can be added to the soil in order to maximise exposure. Good source of phosphorus include warm casting, fish meal, crab shell and soft rock phosphate. Overwatering and compact soil can also be causes of phosphorous deficiency. Be sure to water your plants correctly to avoid this. Try to remain calm if you notice a phosphorus deficiency setting in. Panicking and adding far too much phosphorus back into the soil could prevent your plants from uptaking other nutrients and end up doing more harm than good. Temperature is another detail to pay attention to in order to achieve optimum phosphorus levels. Lower and colder temperatures can make it more difficult for your cannabis crop to absorb adequate levels of the nutrient. Temperatures that drop below 15 degrees Celsius may start to cause negative effects. If your plants have fallen victim to phosphorus deficiency symptoms, you will notice a recovery stage take place if you take the right steps to restore the health of your plants. The spread of brown spots, red and purple stems and other symptoms will stop effecting new leaves. Don’t worry if old leaves do not recover, as this is normal. Tee Luv Bazooka Bubble Gum Candy Logo T-Shirt (Small) Arrives by Tue, Jun 16. Whether you bought it for the awesome flavors, or for the small comic strips that came with the gum - you can show off your love for Topps with this vintage graphic tee shirt featuring the authentic licensed Bazooka Bubble Gum logo. To complete the retro look and feel on this licensed logo shirt - we gave the graphic a fun, lightly distressed look and printed it on the highest quality and most comfortable, poly-cotton light blue heather tee around. This Tee Luv Bazooka Bubblegum t-shirt features a comfortable adult regular fit available in six sizes: Easily The Most Comfortable T-Shirt You'll Own. Our team uses high quality, short-sleeve t-shirts made from ultra-soft poly-cotton, so it already feels like your favorite tee - right out of the box.

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