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The Best Cloning Machines for Cannabis

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Nov 18, 2019 · 5 min read

What is a Cloning Machine?

In short, cloning machines are gardening equipment used to clone plants. Most often, a cloning machine is a circular or square plastic box that holds a mixture of nutrients for your plant’s successful growth and allows for it to grow more quickly and efficaciously. Each cloning machine also includes a water pump and aeroponic spray nozzles that keep your plant hydrated at all times.

Every cloning machine has a number o f cloning sites on the top which are basically holes filled with both soft and hard neoprene inserts. As there are cloning machines with a different number of these holes, you can choose depending on your specific needs. The procedure of cloning begins when you take a cutting of the desired plant and place it into the designated hole or cloning site. Next, you need to turn on the pump which will force the nutrients mixture through the spray nozzles. In this way, your plant will be covered with highly-oxygenated mist.

It is possible to clone your plants without the cloning machine, but not as successfully and quickly, and with much more effort which brings us to the second question we have tried to answer.

How to Use a Cloning Machine

In a lot of ways, using a cloning machine is almost like running a hydroponic system.

However, this process is known as aeroponics.

That’s because the roots are suspended in the air to be treated by nutrients.

To use a cloning machine, you place the plants root-first through circular holes filled with soft, yet sturdy inserts.

Here, the roots sit above water that is being circulated by a pump.

This pressure causes a spray nozzle to mist a nutrient-based mixture onto the roots.

Why Buy a Cloning Machine?

As already stated, you can clone plants without the cloning machine, but in that case, you will spend much more time as it will take almost twice as long to finish the process. The success rate is also usually much higher when you use the machine, often even 100%. You do not have to pay as much attention to your cuttings during their rooting phase if you use the cloning system because the environment is much more stable.

You can do it the old-fashioned way, but besides the longer procedure, you will most certainly have to deal with a less-accurate result as well. Using the cloning machines guarantees the desired results, and you can use the extra time to dedicate to other gardening tasks.

TurboKlone T24D Aeroponic Cloning System

For those growers where humidity is an issue, this is the ideal cloning machine for you.

Keeping humidity low is important for cannabis growth as it is.

So, when it comes to cloning, maintaining a proper humidity level is crucial for the survival of the cutting.

When humidity levels climax, the mother plant will go into mama bear mode and protect itself.

It does this by closing its stomata.

These are the tiny holes underneath the leaves that absorb carbon dioxide and releases both water and oxygen into the air.

If the stomata close up, it won’t be able to take in any of the nutrients your cloning machine is attempting to provide the plant.

When you’re first growing, you want to keep your humidity level around 70%, reducing five times a week as it continues to elongate.

Follow this regimen until you reach around 40%.

What makes the TurboKlone such a great aeroponic cloning system is that it comes with a humidity dome that helps regulate the levels of optimal growth.

This is a nice perk because anytime you transplant a mother plant, it goes into an initial state of shock.

You’re taking a thriving, living organism out of its prosperous environment and putting it into a completely different scenario.

That stress makes cloning such a particular process.

The TurboKlone helps alleviate this issue.

TurboKlone has a fan system in their cloning machine that works in two ways.

For one, the fan provides continuous oxygen to the roots.

Also, the fan ensures that cool air circulates through an otherwise closed off environment that would be prone to rising temperatures.

  • Large capacity and small size.
  • Durable and well made.
  • Fantastic at developing healthy plants.

  • Port ring area tends to leak.
  • Same specific growing issues as the larger TurboKlone. The GEl seems to fix this issue.

EZ Clone Machine

The EZ clone classic 16 cutting system is a solid investment when it comes to generating cannabis clones.

This is a smaller model perfect for the home grower with access to 16 cutting slots.

Most users reported roots within 5–10 days.

Made with a leak proof design, ensure your clones are always hydrated.

The EZ Cloner uses aeroponics, provides an even mist to help your cutting grow healthy roots quickly.

The EZ Clone Classic 16 comes with 16 EZ Collars, a lid, manifold, water pump, misters, adapter and a reservoir. No humidity dome required.

We really like how small this cloner is and how well the roots formed, the roots get well misted.

A perfect addition to the grow tent for anyone looking to start cloning your cannabis plants.

  • Good success rate
  • Small compact

  • Pump may be an issue

Benefits of using a cloning machines

There are three main benefits of using a cloning machine for cannabis we will go over Speed, Success Rate, Ease of Use.

The cloning machine speeds up the rooting process by supplying ample amount of oxygen and water to the root zone of the clipping.

By using tiny spray jets it increases the rate of developing roots. Some reported getting roots in as little as 3 days.

With nice development in 7 to 10 days ready to be transplanted.

Most cloning machines out there boast at least 80–100 % success rate.

This can usually be done if keeping up with the water temp and making sure no light penetrates the reservoir they are in.

The ease of use of cloning machines is pretty easy , they all come with instructions that a pretty straight forward.

It is just connecting all the pieces and adding water and maybe a cloning gel or root stimulator of your choice.

In short, cloning machines are gardening equipment used to clone plants. Most often, a cloning machine is a circular or square plastic box that holds a mixture of nutrients for your plant’s…

5 Best Cloning Machines – Reviews & Buying Guide

We all have some personal favourites in plants. And surely like everyone, we never want the environment and weather to damage our precious cultivation.

In order to preserve the valuable genetics of these plants, you can now use the method of cloning for which, the best cloning machine is required.

A cloning machine is an instrument that helps in producing an exact same copy of plants with the help of the cuttings. They have plastic buckets filled with nutrients that helps in boosting the growth of the crops.

Basically, the plant cuttings help in developing healthy roots and produce a clone plant in a highly efficient and speedy manner.

These machines are useful, irrespective of the garden type such as hydroponic or soil cultivation. If you are also a dedicated gardener then this machine can really help you in preserving your favourite crops.

In this piece, we will discuss some of the best plant cloning machines for your garden. Let’s check out some models:

Table of Contents

5 Best Cloning Machines – Reviews

Number of Sites

1. Clone King Aeroponic Cloning Machine

2. Fast Roots Cloners Indoor Cloning Machine

3. TurboKlone T24D Aeroponic Cloning Machine

4. oxyCLONE 20 Site Compact Cloning Machine

5. PowerGrow Systems Deluxe Cloning Machine

#1. Clone King Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Editor’s Rating: (4.3 / 5)

  • Number of Sites: 36 sites
  • Weight: 5 pounds

Among all the other cloning machines created by Clone King, this is the best one with 36 sites that offer sufficient accommodation to a number of cuttings to be cloned in a go.

This model has got the largest capacity in our list, making it a perfect purchase for the one with a huge garden as they can clone multiple plants at one time.

This model is equipped with a reservoir, lid, spray manifold with misters, submersible pump, and inserts. In order to use the machine, you just have to buy the grow lights separately.

Since every other item is present with this model, you can conveniently get started with the cloning process.

Furthermore, this machine has got 13 spray heads to ensure utmost coverage of the plant and growth of healthy roots. This one is an Aeroponic cloning machine where the usage of chemicals or hormones is not needed.

This way, you can do completely organic cultivation. Also, you will find a comprehensive guide with this machine to better understand about the machine.

Due to the lightweight of this machine, it will be very easy to handle and store the machine.



#2. Fast Roots Cloners Indoor Cloning Machine

Editor’s Rating: (4.2 / 5)

  • Number of Sites: 7 sites
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds

If you are looking for a small cloning machine then you will not find any other model better than this one from Fast Roots.

Many of us have small houses and smaller areas for plant growth. Well, that does not mean that the smaller household cannot purchase a cloning machine and preserve their crops.

Well, since you are space bound, we will suggest a model that is not only high in quality but also too compact in size that you can practically keep it anywhere in the house. That is why we propose Fast Roots indoor cloning machine.

This model is equipped with 7 sites to provide limited growth of plants at a time. The system is very easy to use and develop the roots in a week time.

With this model, you will get a humidity dome, 7 clone collar, an air pump, an air stone, 3 inches long airline tubing, and a guide.

This model is perfect for home users and since all the accessories are sent with the machine, you don’t have to wait to start with the cloning.

And the fact that this machine only takes 7 to 14 days for full development of the roots, it is a great model to buy.



#3. TurboKlone T24D Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Editor’s Rating: (4.2 / 5)

  • Number of Sites: 24 sites
  • Weight: 7.6 pounds

TurboKlone is one of the leading brands that manufacture high quality hydroponic cloning machines. This model is equipped with 24 sites where you can insert the cuttings for cloning process.

Well, 24 collars make this model great for house usage or commercial benefits. The capacity of this cloning machine can help you in simultaneous cloning of multiple crops at a same time.

This model is equipped with a humidity dome that helps in preventing leaf transpiration and also protect the cuttings from initial transplant shock. Isn’t that great?

Furthermore, this model is equipped with a submersible pump that keep the water flow in check and ensure that cuttings are not oxygen deprived.

Also, the fans or shroud installed in the machine helps in keeping the TuroKlone system cool and prevent overheating. This way, the crops are not harmed at all and their healthy growth is safeguarded.

The brand has made sure that you like the machine and that the cleaning is super easy because of the rounded edges.

You may find the price of this machine a little high but its features are simply incredible and makes every penny worth. You will find this machine very helpful for domestic or commercial usage.



#4. oxyCLONE 20 Site Compact Cloning Machine

Editor’s Rating: (3.8 / 5)

  • Number of Sites: 20 sites
  • Weight: 5 pounds

As we have mentioned, every buyer has different needs and requirements of buying a cloning machine. This model from Oxyclone comes with 20 sites which makes it a great purchase for domestic usage.

This one is a simple, compact, and recirculating cloning system available to you at an affordable price. In this machine, you can clone 20 plants simultaneously in a single process.

What we really like in this machine is that the tank does not leak or clogs at all. There are many models that comes with poor quality tanks that usually starts to leak. This one however is a great tank that gives you some peace of mind as it does not leak at all.

Also, the evaporative cooling mechanism in this machine will lead to less retained heat, making this machine more resourceful.

For best aeration, this machine has got single outlet Active Aqua air pump that ensure constant flow of oxygen circulating throughout via dissolved oxygen to ensure healthy growth of roots.

The best part is that this one is the only model in our list that provide dissolved oxygen feature which makes the rooting faster and healthier.

At such amazing price, this machine is an ideal purchase in cloning machines that we recommend.



#5. PowerGrow Systems Deluxe Cloning Machine

Editor’s Rating: (3.8 / 5)

  • Number of Sites: 21 sites
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds

Well, last model in our list is from PowerGrow which is one of the best brands in cloning machines. This model is equipped with 21 sites, giving it a decent capacity for domestic or commercial usage.

The sites are finely placed inside the FDA approved black 3.5 gallons reservoir bucket to make it exceptionally useful for the buyers.

Also, there is an upgraded heavy duty adjustable H2O pump that pushes 160 gallons of water per hour to keep the crops highly oxygenated and healthy.

You will find the 360 degrees Aeroponic spray nozzles very useful as they provide 100% coverage to the cuttings.

And due to the fact that this model is equipped with 0.25 oz jar of Rootech cloning gel and an easy to follow instruction guide, you will find using this machine extremely convenient.

Comes with 1-year warranty, this machine can be your safest purchase.



How to Buy the Best Cloning Machines

Cloning machines are the best way to create replicas of your favourite crops. These machines mostly comprise of circular or square box filled with mixture of nutrients that are highly needed for the growth of the plant.

Also, there are water pumps and aeroponic spray bottle to keep the crops well hydrated.

Well, in order to find the best cloning machine, you need to be careful about some things. Here are few of the tips to help you find the right product:

#1. Type of Cloning Machine

Well, the cloning machines are segregated in two prime types. Here is complete information on both the types:

  • DWC/Deep Water Culture: If you want to go for something nontechnical then DWC is the right solution for you. These are simple machines that can be used by novices as well. Basically, in this the nutrients are stored inside deep tanks. The cuttings have to be placed inside each insert. However, this one does not require pump but it does oxygenate the nutrient solution. You don’t have to worry about the algae growth because the tank is oxygenated. And the dark environment in the tank is conducive to the growth of algae. It takes not more than a week for the plants to grow and once the roots are developed, you can transform the plant in the small pot.
  • EBB & Flow Systems: Well, this one requires advance plant cloning technology and works as a true Hydroponic system. In this, there is a holding tank of nutrient solution, an advanced pump technology, temperature controlling and monitoring mechanism for the machine to work. The pump is combined with the microjet sprayer that keep the plant hydrated by constantly misting spray on them. This one is rather complicated and used by the experienced gardeners. However, the end product is very impressive. It takes not more than 3-4 days for a fully grown roots.

#2. Number of Sites

This one solely depends on the number of plants that you are intended to grow. Number of sites will determine the number of plants that you will be able to clone.

You need to be careful while picking a plant cloning machine and ensure that your purpose of buying is solved.

You could end up buying a smaller machine which accommodate les number of sites and thus ruin your purchase over all.

#3. Bucket Size

The bucket size if directly proportional to the number of plants that you are willing to grow in the machine. The size of the bucket is measured in gallons.

Well, we recommend you to pick the machine that has more growing space so that once when the crops are fully developed, you can take them out conveniently.

#4. Expandable Kit

One other thing that you must consider is that the cloning kit is expandable. Such machines are expensive than the classic ones but they surely help you if you plan to increase the plant growth later.

How to Use a Cloning Machine

It is quite important to know the mechanism of a cloning machine before making the purchase. So, we are going to quickly look into the method of cloning below:

#1. Setting Up the Machine

First of all, you need to pour water inside the tank and fill it. Now, you need to attach the pump and the mister to the machine. At this point, you can add the nutrient mixture to the tank.

Make sure that you don’t add water in the machine beyond the suggested water level. The water temperature should be not more than 18 to 20 degrees C.

#2. Setting Up the Cloning Environment

Most of these products come with humidity dome. However, it is not essential to use the dome. Somehow, better performance of cloning machine depends on the humidity in your area.

In case, if the humidity in your area is below 60% then you can either mist or add the humidity dome. Also, the temperature must be between 70-75 degrees F must be maintained in order to generate best results.

Nutrient solutions also must be checked carefully. The temperature requirement of the solution is 68°F which is easy enough to maintain. All you have to do is to ensure that pump does not heat up the tank too much.

Coming to the lights, cuttings don’t need a lot of light. You just have to use some T5 grow lights at a distance 1 inch from the canopy.

#3. Placement of Cuttings in the Machine

Well, inside of the neoprene disks, you need to insert the cuttings of the plant. These disks come with the machine and you don’t have to buy them separately.

Just make sure that at least 2 inches of the stem is below the bottom of the neoprene insert. This is to ensure that the mister has enough space to hit the surface.

#4. Care of the Cuttings

In the beginning, it is fine if the plant seems to be a bit droopy. Plants don’t survive without the roots and since at this stage, the plants are only getting accustomed to be rootless, being a little droopy is normal.

In case if they continue to appear weary after few hours as well then you can mist foliar spray on them.

After 42 hours, you will observe that the roots have started to appear. The sign of healthy roots is the bright white colour. Make sure that the roots appear in the same colour.

In case if the roots are brown or grey in colour then it indicates that the water temperature is higher. Complete reservoir reset is also suggested once the roots start to develop.

After a week, you will experience the roots to be exploding out of the cuttings. This is the point when most of the gardeners consider the process to be finished.

Although, you can take out the plant and put into the pot at this stage as well but we recommend you to wait for the secondary roots to grow.

The secondary roots appear almost after ten days and that is the best time to transplant the cuttings. You can either put them in the ground or in a plant pot as you feel fit.


We conclude our cloning machine review by saying that there are some plants that must be preserved as they help you a lot in your day to day life.

For such cultivation, the best way is to clone them with the help of these cloning machines. We have mentioned different products in different sizes and price.

Also, we have specified the products based on the number of sites as well. You can make the purchase as per the required capacity of the machine.

Check out the cloning machines above and make wise selection. You can rest assured because all the models that we have suggested above are excellent.

Producing plants is easier by using the cloning machine. Looking for the best cloning machines? Check out our reviews, buying guide & how to use them ]]>