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Either that or they are just being like little girls. Stop complaining and read their help pages CAREFULLY! 100 percent will order here again and again and again!

super kundenservice, schnelle lieferung, top qualit├Ąt. This last order was the 4th season I ordered from Seedsman, and will be my last. Last years order had inferior seeds which they(Seedsman) finally made good, but was received too late to plant for the season. This year was worst, of the 4 strains I ordered, 2 strains (both were high is CDB) were duds. Not only were the seeds very small, but only 2 of the 9 seeds in total developed into a seedling and then only 1 of these continues to grow. I am a small grower and for financial reasons I cannot put my trust in Seedsman for quality goods. Id placed an order with seedsman on the 14th of January 2020. The order I had placed was for 5 x Charlottes angel.

Reason for ordering this is that my 3 year old has Autism, but more importantly suffers Gran Mal seizures! :/ He has these regularly, and its tough seeing him go through this. Ive seen a lot of documentaries on how high CBD strains have helped reduce seizures on children who suffer this, and for some make them almost non existent. At any rate, its been over 45 days and still nothing! :/ Their policy is after 25 days theyd do a re-send. At around day 30 I started to enquire as to where my order is and can they provide a tracking number so I can trace this down to its whereabouts. Ive sent them consecutive messages, and still no reply! :/ Its now been 10 days and nothing back from them whatsoever. Id paid for additional insurance through them and for the re-send option, as for me with my 3 year old and his conditions, this is incredibly important to me. If I dont get a reply from them over the next few days, Ill have to contact the bank and see if somehow they can do a reversal on the transaction. Ive only ever used a couple of other seedbanks in the last 20 years and these are by far the worst. Came in the delivery window that they originally gave. Ordered 6 large orders, received every single one of them, packaging is discrete and very stealthy, you get extra freebies and large discounts via bitcoin, i highly recommend using bitcoin on this site. I had an error with one of my orders and reached out to support, spoke with the owner of seedsman, he hooked me up with 3 packs of 5 seeds of my choice. Now how can you go wrong with that, best seedbank experience i have ever had. i highly recommend, great customer service, fast shipping, stealthy packaging, great prices, whats not to love about seedsman. Their best promo is during Halloween so i highly recommend you have a list ready and choose your freebies fast because stock runs out quick. Problems with deliveries, problems with stock, problems getting them to answer emails, scammed out of paying sales prices, then sent me white bird food/seeds for something I didnt even want in the first place. Shop elsewhere folks, nothing could be worse than my experiences (4) shopping here. Thought I would give them another chance as things can go wrong, but last time is my LAST TIME, PERIOD . Made an order - all auto fems - which also had many free auto fems. Received the order and the free auto fems were replaced by fems without any notice or advice. Dealt with customer service which basically told me - they were free so suck it up. When I wrote a scathing review, finally someone woke up and said that they had a faulty system which they were fixing. Too much trouble to get them to correct their errors. Order arrived in discreet packaging on the last business day they suggested waiting for before complaining.

Am starting a grow in December so hope the seeds are still good after the wait. And they always get my orders to me within 18 days or less. Delay in order, no answer in customer service, missing item. Ive used Seedsman many times and theyre one of the best seed shops out there. I ordered 3 packs of Flash Super Auto Seeds and was promised 3 free Jack and 3 free GelatoOG as well as 14 free feminized seeds for the Halloween promo.

I am missing one of the 3 packs that I paid for and only received 2 free seeds out of the 14. I contacted the seedsman and they have not gotten back to me. After reading other reviews it looks like I may never get the seeds I paid for. Also I paid for the stealth shipping and the seeds were sent in a used scrap of bubble wrap and not concealed. On top of that the order was supposed to be signed for instead it was placed in the mail box.


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