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Good as marijuana grow box, this box can be environmentally controlled easily and makes growing your pot a streamlined process. It can easily be stored in a closet, basement, or pantry. 8- Repurpose An Old Tool Chest Into DIY Seedlings Grow box. This is a super sleek way to make good use of an old tool chest.

You can even find them all over the free section of craigslist. Below are short step to build seedling grow box from junk tool chest. Remove the doors,casters and hasp lock using screw driver and hammer. Drill hole for 3 exhaused fans,lights and power switch. Install the Fans, Switch & Wiring the 12 Volt System. Put some veggies or herbs seedlings and watch them growing. This is a pretty genius way to make your seedling grow box look like your PC tower. Complete with a method of removing scent, this is an ideal starter grow box plan for those who’ve never done anything like this before. You can skip the carbon filter if you use it for growing something else too of course. Following are simple steps to build this pc diy grow box.

Drill holes for light fixtures and use duct tape to seal the fan. Attach the “standard e27 light fixture with cords on the roof of pc and direct the wiring to the back. Cut the wiring of phone charger and connect it with the pc fan wiring. Mount the pc fan on the back of pc and add CO2 filter materiel on the backside of fan. Connect standard e27 light fixture and fans to multi socket plug. Put some growing fixtures, plant seeds and water it. 10- Another Great DIY Stealth Grow Box Build For Cheap. This is another great instructable for an all-inclusive quiet cabinet. Even for a beginner woodworker, or if you’re working with a child, this little box would be a fun project. Designed to be set in the light cart, and then taken outside with ease, you can start your seedlings in this diy box and grow them on simply. 12- A Large Yet Stealthy DIY Grow Box Perfect For The Serious hobbyist. The box plan on this one calls for a little more spending cash, but the ease of use and years you’ll get out of it would make this a worthwhile investment. This idea would place your diy grow box right into your home without a second thought from the outside. The build is incredibly slick, and it’s designed to grow again, from start to finish without having to move plants or have more than one grow apparatus. 14- A Simple and Cheap DIY Grow Box For Finicky Plants. For those of us that live in areas where it gets really dry, this little diy grow box can make growing humidity loving tropical an easy breeze. Would also be ideal for propagation- with cuttings and starting difficult to germinate seeds. This weed grow box would work well, as the instructions state, for housing properly trained mother plants. You can make this diy grow box a permanent fixture of your home, stealthily keeping your mothers happy and hidden. This indoor grow box tutorial won’t take you a lot of time or money, and would work great as a hidden method of growing your own pot. 17- Here’s a Basic DIY Grow Box that’s Easy to Start with. A simple method of building a grow box makes an easy project for someone who’s new to building with these materials, or for someone who’s never made anything past a paper airplane. This diy grow box can hold seedlings of many kinds, or permanently house shorter plants. If you’re looking for something stealthy, this basic design can be customized easily. This DIY automatic grow box has an automatic watering system that will provide growing plants with just the right amount of moisture at all times. The perfect growing environment, supporting the ideal amount of humidity and temperature control to promote healthy plant growth is also maintained by this automated system.

The lighting system is also automated so you can take a hand-off approach to plant growing and free up time for other DIY projects. Recycle an old kitchen or bathroom cabinet into a large grow box for use in your home. The large size makes it ideal for growing fresh food or for use as a marijuana grow box . This large scale homemade grow box can hold several food plants or tall marijuana plants with ease. By recycling a wooden kitchen cabinet, you will already have the box, you will just need to add a few interior components. Several cabinets can be connected to create an even larger grow box or to house plants at different stages of development.

With the hard part of the building project already done for you, the remainder of the DIY build is quick and easy, enabling you to start plant growing within hours.


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