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Be careful though because it will bubble and fizz when added to urine and this can reveal the adulteration. Another problem with using Drano is that it raises the pH of the urine to unrealistically high levels. Vinegar is also frequently used to adulterate urine samples and it can be effective in removing traces of marijuana from a urine sample.

An article published in "Clinical Chemistry" revealed that adding 2 drops of liquid soap is sufficient for making the results of an EMIT test negative. This is also a very easy adulterant to add if your drug test collection takes place in your own bathroom (as insurance policy test frequently are) or your doctor's office. The important thing to avoid is the presence of soap bubbles in the urine sample! Byrd Laboratories sell an additive called "UrinAid" that is designed to help you pass marijuana test using the EMIT method. This product is very effective in removing traces of THC and other drug metabolites. The only issue with using this product is that the government now knows about it and will often test specifically for its presence in a urine sample. If, for example, you happen to prick your finger in the process of giving a urine sample and a few drops of blood fall into the sample, it may produce a negative result when tested for cannabis.

This has been stated to be true by the Medical Professor and Director of Pharmacology at the New York City University, Dr John Morgan. Drug tests will often use blood samples in order to show the present level of intoxication, but the presence of just a few drops in 60ml of urine will not be enough to create a positive test result. The effectiveness of blood as an adulterant was tested and denied by Byrd Laboratories. Byrd Lab also tested the following adulterants and found them to be ineffective: test Free, goldenseal, Visine and Nature Klean. Using some substances (such as juice, vinegar or Drano) as adulterants in a urine sample can result in a large change in the pH of the urine. This is obvious to the tested and they will generally report these cases to the employer. Human urine samples have a fairly narrow pH range пїЅ from 4.5 to 8.5. You are more likely to get away with adulteration in an EMIT or other type of screening method, provided that you don't get caught adding the substance or the urine sample doesn't present another obvious sign, such as an incorrect temperature or blue dots from a bleach adulterant. Adulterant Amount Needed Salt 1/2 teaspoon per 10ml of urine Vinegar 5 drops per 7-10ml of urine Bleach 1 drop per 5-10ml of urine Liquid Soap 1 drop per 5ml of urine Liquid Detergent 1 drop per 5-10ml of urine Blood 1 drop per 5-10ml of urine. It is possible to detect some adulterants (such as Drano, ammonia and bleach) when specific gravity, creatinine or pH tests are conducted on the urine sample. In reality, drug programs rarely bother with these tests because they are expense and timely. Any adulteration of urine samples will definitely be revealed if the sample is tested using gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GC/MS). This is another reason why you should find about as much as possible about the tests that are being conducted before you adulterate your urine sample in any way. In the preceding chapters we have covered several possible solutions to the issue how to pass a drug test. These are the ways that you could go about trying to "rig" drug test results (dilution, substitution and adulteration). All of these methods are very risky if you are discovered. If you get caught using these methods, it will generally be assumed that you are a drug user with something to hide. Moreover, you need to have an extremely detailed understanding of the procedures and technology that your drug test will involve in advance in order to have any chance of getting away with these methods.

Trying as hard as you can to flush out your system will not necessarily assure a negative drug test result.

The best strategy for anyone faced with a possible drug test who really wants to not get fired is obviously abstaining from taking any drugs at all.


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