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I have better germination than I get from other very reputable companies. I know we have planted green beans, spinach and corn. The price is much cheaper than the very reputable seed companies so I will continue to buy their seed.

When I do my research and decide what I want to purchase I look at them first, then look elsewhere for the things they don't have available. "The Plantation Products Family of Brands Trusted by gardeners since 1850" "Plantation Products manages the most well-known seed and seed starting brands in North America. Many of these brands have been around since the mid-1800's and have been trusted by generations of gardeners. Everyone at Plantation feels a deep sense of pride and responsibility to carry on the tradition of these brands by delivering the highest quality products to gardeners." Invasive plants are Earth's way of insisting we notice her medicines. Everyone learns what works by learning what doesn't work. I have been thinking about growing my own annuals from seed next year. Give me something to do while I impatiently wait for late spring.

They had 'American Seed' brand and it was super cheap. I don't see many reviews on the internet and I searched the forum and didn't see anything. Just curious if anyone has used this brand and if they had decent success? I tryed over 60 types of seeds this year, bought and ordered from many places. My conclusion is that I will not buy from the big stores and only order from Geoseed (no "s"). Best germination, best prices and best people over the phone. I believe that you'll find that the American seeds are about like almost all packaged seeds. Some germinate very well; some just seem to languish. Since they'er so inexpensive, just plant a few more seeds than you usually plant. Anyone have a Preferred RTA Kitchen cabinet company? Has anyone used a commerical grade engineered wood floor? My experience is that you don't get many seeds, the varieties are quite common, and the germination rate varies widely from good to none germinating. I've bought them for 10 cents a pack and you only need to get a couple to germinate for that price. But with the time it takes and the cost of potting soil, etc, I'd rather have more reliable seeds and I'd rather have seeds for exactly the variety that I want. I got some really nice zinnias from American Seeds this year. The cauliflower and kohlrabi from the same company had zero percent germination. I've grown tomatoes from their seeds and they were fine. I'm not above picking up a packet of their seeds if I am walking by and see something that I have been looking for. I have used their seeds, and I have had good success with them. They are extremely cheap, but just as stated above they usually contain seeds that are very common. With that said I love those wildflower mixes, (I love daisies though) they have all kind of flowers in them which most are perennial. One year I got the most beautiful poppies out of a wildflower pack, and I didn't save the seed and I have been unable to find anymore packs like that. Another place I discovered that has some good seed variety is t's online all seed packs are $1.00.

I think shipping and handling for 19 packs is like $4.25 not bad if you ask me. I provided the link below, she has a great selection of seeds. Here is a link that might be useful: T's Seed Sale.

Here you can find all info about G13-Diesel from Head Seeds . If you are searching for information about G13-Diesel from Head Seeds, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all G13-Diesel Strains (±2) to find a different version.


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