cackleberry strain


Cackleberry is one of the more unusual offerings at Greenpoint. Cherry Diesel, the mother of Cackleberry, is a cross of Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel. Best known for her trademark aroma, she smells like cherry cough syrup with hints of ammonia and jet fuel. The flavour she displays is not that of real fruit cherries but is identical to the artificial cherry flavour one can find proliferated in the candy aisle of any grocery store.

She grows like a sativa with a bit more stretch in flower but is surprisingly quick to finish flowering. Her effects are more typical of sativas and are clear-headed, uplifting, functional, and euphoric.

Cackleberry is fast, branchy, high-yielding, and should have the candied cherry aroma and flavour of Cherry Diesel. However, she will also exhibit some chemical-based bleach, pine sol, ammonia-like fragrances from the Chemdog side of lineage as well. This should make for an epic combination of sweet candy and sour chemical funk.

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