caboose strain


Caboose is the mostly indica plant that is based on Trainwreck and Salmon Creek Big Bud genetics.

This is a short plant with average internodal distance under 5 cm. Caboose produces large and round calyxes with purple and reddish tones, dense buds and a mass of white resin. The yields reach to 900 gr/m2 under 1000W HPS after 8-9 flowering weeks. The Caboose is suitable both for outdoor and indoor, and demonstrates great results in all mediums.

The smoke offers a chemical, mineral, flowery taste and a complex aroma of kush, sweet, flowers. The medium lasting effect comes instantly, starts like a trippy high and then turns into sedative.

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Caboose – Strain Hunters Seedbank

Caboose, from the Strain Hunters Seedbank, comes from California; it is a cannabis strain developed from U.S. genetics: Trainwreck, a popular Sativa cutting from the west coast, and a line of Big Bud selected in Salmon Creek.

So Strain Hunters team acquired this elite clone to study its growth, achieving to self-pollinate it and so producing feminized seeds. Self pollination, or selfing (S1 plants) allows to mantain the best genetic traits of a plant, keeping the risk of losing its genepool to the minimum.

Caboose has a very open and compact structure, with a short internodal distance and highly developed branches that offer consistent production. Suitable variety for all growing medias , it will accept considerable EC concentrations if the environment is perfect.

It is during flowering when Caboose reveals its potential, forming bulky buds like Big Bud, whose huge calyxes come from the Trainwreck genetics and will produce up to 0.9 gr/watt in only 8 weeks of flowering. Besides the size of the flowers and their fleshy appearance, the abundant resin production gives the final product a great bag appeal, obtaining from this strain a trully premium weed.

The organoleptic properties of Caboose are complex, combining Asian oranges with flowers, as well as chemical, metal and kush undertones, a very complex and valuable bouquet. The effect is intense, of medium duration, first trippy and then quickly relaxing, ideal for a night sitting of movies or other relaxation moments that do not demand a high brain activity.

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