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As the name implies, it is a minimally invasive technique that doesn’t involve any major damage to plants. All you do is carefully bend and tie down the stem and branches to encourage lateral growth. This way, more bud sites are exposed to your grow light, resulting in fatter nugs and bigger harvests. If you’re an expert grower and not afraid to put a knife to your plants, you can see whether topping will work for you.

Just ensure that everything else is under control before looking into these more-involved plant training techniques. USE SEA OF GREEN (SOG) The sea of green, or SOG, method involves growing many small plants in close proximity to max out space and yields. This is especially effective in otherwise small grow-ops, and there is no better candidate than autoflowering strains. Their fast growth and short stature essentially do everything for you. It normally happens that the flowers at the top of the canopy mature faster than those at the bottom. Simply clip off the individual buds that are ready, and wait for the rest to ripen.

Wait 1–2 weeks between each harvest and watch for signs that they're ready to pick. Most autoflowering plants only require two cycles of progressive harvesting, but larger plants may need more. To become an expert, you want to pay attention and carefully record each process used in your grow. Only this way will you notice which techniques render the best yields. Something can always go wrong when growing cannabis. The key to high yields is swiftly and smartly identifying problems as they occur. As you refine your processes, the health and yields of your plants will improve over time. THE TOP 5 HIGHEST YIELDING RQS AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS 2020. Perhaps more important than any other factor listed above, genetics have a huge influence on a given strain’s production potential. So, before we conclude our guide on achieving maximum yields with autoflowers, here is a list of the highest-yielding autoflowers from Royal Queen Seeds. Northern Light is a legendary cannabis strain that derives from Afghan indica genetics. First bred in the 1970s US, and coming to Europe in the 80s, this indica is still a favourite among many cannabis lovers. The autoflowering variant Northern Light Automatic shines with all the goodies of the “big one”, without compromising on flavour and effect. Moreover, she is one of the highest-yielding autoflowers out there with a whopping 550g/m² indoors. She pleases with a sweet, earthy pine flavour and a cerebral effect that is happy and uplifting. How to Maximize Your Autoflowering Cannabis Yield Outdoors. There are various advantages to growing autoflowering seeds outdoors. Because autoflowering plants aren’t reliant upon daylight cycles like their photoperiod counterparts, they can be planted at any time of year, and growers can reap several harvests per season from these rapidly maturing, low-maintenance plants. Because of their short, stocky stature, autoflowering plants – unlike photoperiod plants, which are typically larger – require less space to grow outdoors, and can be grown discreetly in spaces as small as the average terrace or balcony. Moreover, autoflowers thrive in natural sunlight, and under natural lighting conditions, autoflowering cannabis plants offer larger yields and buds than those grown indoors. With that said, growers can add to these advantages by using certain techniques to maximize their yields when growing autoflowering cannabis outdoors . In this article, we discuss some of these methods and important factors to consider for those who are looking to make the most of their autoflowers when growing outdoors. Different strains are known to produce different sized yields outdoors, and as such, anyone looking to maximize their yield when growing autoflowering cannabis should research not only the quality of the seeds they are buying, but also the tendencies of the strain that they intend to grow. Many autoflower strains , including consumer favorites such as Stardawg and Gorilla Glue , are known for their sizeable outdoor yields. Best Containers and Soil for Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Outdoors.

Autoflowering cannabis thrives in settings with efficient drainage. If you choose to use a container for outdoor growing, seek pots made from breathable materials (i.e., fabric) to ensure optimal draining conditions to keep your plants healthy. Drainage is also an important factor to take into consideration when choosing your soil, and we recommend researching mediums ahead of time to ensure that you establish these conditions. When choosing your soil, aim for aerated, breathable soil that is shown to drain efficiently. This will allow you to establish optimal growing conditions in order for your plants to thrive to their fullest. Monitoring pH levels is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the health of your plants – and, consequently, the abundance of the yield that they will produce. pH levels impact yields because they determine whether your plants will be able to absorb nutrients necessary for healthy maturation. Improper pH levels will prevent your plants from absorbing the nutrients necessary for them to flourish, making this an essential factor to ensuring plant health in the long run.

For this reason, it is imperative that you monitor pH levels as consistently as possible throughout every stage of the growing cycle.


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