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Want to challenge your friends to a joint rolling challenge? This is the perfect way to test your skills with joint making. Set a timer and try to roll as many joints as possible until time is up. Weed-Opoly is a game for about 3-6 players to play and is made with a circular design.

The goal of the game is to move your “tractor” (colorful space mover) around the circular design until you get to the center of the board. The first person to get to the center wins the game. However, this isn’t as simple as just rolling a dice and moving around the board. You’ll come across some obstacles which might make you go back to the beginning of the board or having to give stuff away to your opponents. If you and your friends want to see who can do the best smoking tricks, you can have a challenge to see who can do the best smoking tricks. Below are some great smoking tricks you can use to impress your friends: To do the snap inhale just take a huge hit and then curl your tongue. Then, move your tongue to the top of your mouth and exhale.

This can be a tricky smoking trick, but if done right can be very cool. To do the French Inhale open your mouth and then inhale smoke through your nose. Once you do so, stand up and let the smoke you just inhaled flow out of your mouth. The jellyfish technique is a little tricky but results in the smoke having a jellyfish shape. To do this, you first need to know the “O” technique. Once you do, use this technique, open your mouth slightly and let the smoke float out so it makes this form. To do the ghost inhale, suck some smoke in from a bong, pipe, or joint and then keep the smoke in your mouth for a bit so it thickens. This will help the smoke to escape but allow you to quickly suck it back into your mouth so it disappears. Smoke rings are yet another cool smoking trick to try. First, take a hit from a bong, pipe, or joint and let the smoke float around in your mouth for a bit. Then, create an “O” with your lips and push the smoke out with your tongue. This will create a ring that will float through the air. If you practice a bit with this trick you can even try to exhale more than one ring at a time. Instead of inhaling smoke out of a bong, pipe, or joint, you can try smoking out of an apple! You can place a spoonful of cannabis on the top of the apple, drill a hole on the side of the fruit, light it up, and enjoy a smoke! You can create a smoking device out of almost anything, like an avocado or pineapple. If you’re looking for some more fun games to try you can check out Smokin’ Dice. On each of them is a specific instruction that will tell you what to do with your joint. What makes this even more fun is that the dice include pot slang on them so you can have even more fun while smoking. The game basically works as it sounds in the title – you have to “freeze” your smile. You can have two people sit and stare at each other. The first person who smiles or starts to laugh loses. You all can sit around in a circle and stare at each other. You’ll start to eliminate those who start to smile until only one is left. It’s a fun and easy game to play making it perfect for joint parties. Would You Rather is a game played by many people and it’s the perfect game to play at weed smoking parties.

You can get a group together and ask them a few “would you rather” questions. After answering, that person can then take a quick smoke out of a joint. Would you rather visit a tropical island or be snowed in at an inn? Would you rather live in the real world or in virtual reality? Would you rather have bad short term or long term memory?

Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible? Would you rather live without Internet or air conditioning?


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