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Scoring Weed in Paris and Prague

Jacob Joseph

How to score in Europe? I’m not talking about sex. Travelling is more than finding out how much you can drink — I prefer pot to a pint. Problem is my poison is harder to find. But weed is everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

I hate buying weed in Australia, I’m shit at making small talk with my dealer and the awkward silence while he weighs up kills me every time. I spent just under 3 months in Paris and got on almost 30 times. Buying dope in Paris is pretty fucking cool. There are a ton of places where dealers hang out. And the dealers actually ‘hang out’. It’s like the movies. We don’t have street dealers in Australia. A junkie selling shit to wasters in Kings Cross is as close as it gets. These guys have their spots around basketball courts, ping pong tables, under bridges and there’s usually a car park closeby. It’s pretty fucking cliché, but every street dealer’s perch is a mixture of practical and aesthetic.

Joinville Le Pont was my favourite spot to buy dope. This quaint little community in the South-East of Paris is based around a river with swans and a rowing club. And there’s a nice little park under a bridge where kid’s play. I was on a date with a girl and we were sheltering from the rain. We must have wandered onto someone’s turf because we were accosted by a dealer rather quickly. I learnt that this guy stood under this bridge in Joinville every day from 2pm. I didn’t believe him when he told me his ‘hours’, but I made a mental note of everything he said. Sure enough he was there a few days later when I went back and every time after that.

I found another dealer by following directions from a hand drawn map. I got chatting to a Frenchman who told me exactly where to go and when. I consider information from drunks as reliable as information from the internet, but I had time to investigate the lead and the guy was right. I give the dealer credit for maintaining a spot that can be found by word of mouth. All I had to do was follow the map to a park near the University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis and make eye contact with the dodgest looking person I could find. Buying weed in Paris is easier than buying weed in Sydney. Dealers are true to their word and their hours, and I never had a problem with someone being ‘off’.

I was only in Prague for a week. I wish I could have stayed for longer. I met this guy named Pavel at the start of my trip. He was my guide around Prague’s ‘cafes’. I stopped Pavel on the street and asked him for pot. Pavel’s hemp clothing and beard made me ask. I’d been conflicted as to whether this was a sensible decision. Once I accepted that I was going to follow someone I just met in the middle of night to a place I’ve never been, in a city I’ve never seen, I was able to chill out and have fun.

We stopped at a ‘bar’ in a quiet part of town. Pavel pointed out that he’d come to this place before to buy weed for a foreigner. The traveller handed Pavel the cash when they were at the bar making it clear who the pot was for. Apparently this is frowned upon so the money changed hands before we went in. A gram of weed costs 200czk, about $10 Australian.

I was the only non-Czech in the place, and I liked it like this. People of all ages sat in leather chairs drinking, laughing, smoking and listening to music. Some kids played foosball out the back while their dogs sat patiently waiting for the game to finish. The air was thick with marijuana smoke. The scene was far removed from what I had seen in Amsterdam where you have to contend with people losing their shit after smoking a joint for the first time.

Pavel took me around Prague that night. I confess that I wigged when he tried to show me the view from the mountain on the outskirts of town. When we passed a camp of homeless people, Pavel gave one of them something from his pocket. Paranoid from the dope, and not really understanding what was being said, I let him know that I wanted to turn back to the tourist safety of Old Town. He explained that he was giving the guy some tobacco, and ‘Didn’t we do the same in Australia?’ I was ashamed at my inner dialogue which had predicted the worst. I apologised and we kept going up the mountain.

I’m glad I continued with Pavel that evening. Two nights later we met again, only this time he brought his friends. We went back to the same place, smoked, laughed and drank. Later that night he took me to the rock climbing centre where he worked. His Italian girlfriend made the most delicious pasta I’ve ever tasted — and it wasn’t just the weed talking. I will go back to Prague and I will visit Pavel again. Weed helped break the ice as well as build a bridge.

Sometimes you just need to know where to look

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How to buy Weed in Paris, France?

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Hey stoners, You may come from a country where weed is legal or at least decriminalized and like to have your “smoke”. Don’t even think about getting from the streets because the Cannabis laws here are still kind of strict.

Personally I recommend Omar ( [email protected] ) a local here in Paris. He is such a reliable and convenient local plug. He is popularly known and highly recommended.

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